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Komaleeswaran Sankar

Date of birth: June 10, 1963
Weight and Height: 60 kg, 159 cm
First international match: Uzbekistan - Nigeria (1995)
International tournaments: 1996 Junior World Cup, 1997 Youth World Cup, 1999 FIFA Confederation Cup, 2000 Sydney Olympics
Special honours: AFC "Best Assistant Referee" award 1999

Komaleeswaran Sankar he is the first and only one from the sub-continent who would be directly connected with the conduct of the World Cup. The assistant referee from Tamil Nadu about this fact: I am proud and happy about the call by FIFA and confident of living up to the levels of officiating at this highest level.

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Here is the schedule for Komaleeswaran Sankar:

Date Venue Time Match
03-06-2002 Niigata, Japan 15:30 Croatia vs. Mexico
10-06-2002 Oita, Japan 18:00 Tunisia vs. Belgium
14-06-2002 Shizuoka, Japan 15:30 Belgium vs. Russia

Michael Ragoonath

Date of birth: April 23, 1967
Weight and Height: 57 kg, 165 cm
First international match: Kuba vs. Haiti (1999)

Michael Ragoonath is an Indian origin assistant referee from Trinidad & Tobagao.

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Here is the schedule for Michael Ragoonath:

Date Venue Time Match
01-06-2002 Sapporo, Japan 20:30 Germany vs. Saudi Arabia
05-06-2002 Kobe, Japan 15:30 Russia vs. Tunisia
22-06-2002 Gwangju, Korea 15:30 Spain vs. Korea

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