60th Santosh Trophy 2005 - News

Congratulations from IndianFootball.Com to the victorious Goa team!
And our compliments to the Maharashtra team for a great tournament!

Matchday 16 | November 21, 2005

Final: Maharashtra 1-3 Goa
Goals: 1-0 Soccor Velho (73'), 1-1 Philip Gomes (74'), 1-2 Nicholas L Rodrigues (105'), 1-3 Joaquim Abranches (115')


MAHARASHTRA: Israt Kamal, Santosh Koli, Rauf Khan, Clifford Kilmo, Douzy Godinho, Hekmat Singh, Vijith Shetty (79' Nirmal Deep Singh), Paresh Shivalkar, Steven Dias, Soccor Velho (108' Javed Absari), Reuben D'Souza

GOA: Felix D'Souza, Philip Gomes, Mahesh Gawli, Marcus Pexeito, John Baretto, Nicholas L Rodrigues, Climax Lawrence, Micky Fernandes (77' Joaquim Abranches), Freddy Mascarenhas (75' Nacimento Silveira), Anthony Pereira, Nicolas Borges

Referee: Shaji C Kurien (Kerala)

Man of the Match: -

Yellow Cards: Nicholas L Rodrigues (21'; GOA), Joaquim Abranches (98'; GOA), Hekmat Singh (106'; MAH)

  Match Statistics MAH GOA
  Corners 12 7
  Shots On 3 4
  Shots Off 6 8
  Offsides 3 8
  Fouls Committed 21 13

Matchday 15 | November 20, 2005

3rd Place Playoff: Kerala 2-1 Punjab
Goals: 1-0 NP Pradeep (57'), 1-1 Narinder Singh (68'), 2-1 Asif Saheer (79')

Man of the Match: Asif Saheer (Kerala)

Protests in Manipur continue
November 20, 2005: The situation in Manipur after the state team were eliminated from the 60th Santosh Trophy on Thursday has remained tense with general protest in the state growing. A major public rally will be organised in the state capital Imphal tomorrow, which is being organised by 15 civil and students organisations of the state. The date has been choosen as it is the day of the Santosh Trophy final.
The All-Manipur FA meanwhile has decided to pull it's state teams out of the AIFF-organised U14 and U19 Nationals, and it would even go to the extend to leave the AIFF, if it was needed. The state thinks that Goa was favoured by the referee after in a similar situation in 2002 Manipur was favoured as it hosted the tournament then.

Matchday 14 | November 19, 2005

Semifinal: Punjab 0-2 Goa
Goals: 0-1 Peter Carvalho (14'), 0-2 Nicholas L Rodrigues (48')


PUNJAB: Karanjit Singh, Sunil Kumar, Parminder Singh, Taranjit Singh, Surjit Singh (46' Yadwinder Singh), Ram Paul (64' Dilbag Singh), ?, ?, ?, Gyan Moin Thapa (77' Charanjit Kumar), Gurpreet Singh

GOA: Felix D'Souza, Philip Gomes, Mahesh Gawli, Marcus Peixoto, John Barreto, Nicholas L Rodrigues, Climax Lawrence, Peter Carvalho, Micky Fernandes, Freddy Mascarenhas (89' Alvito Rodrigues), Anthony Pereira (63' Joaquim Abranches)

Man of the Match: Nicholas L Rodrigues (Goa)

Matchday 13 | November 18, 2005

Semifinal: Kerala 0-1 Maharashtra
Goals: 0-1 Reuben D'Souza (50')


KERALA: MV Nelson, K Jasser, Vinu Jose (73' Bijesh Ben), Abdul Basheer, Muttath Suresh, NP Pradeep, Krishnan Nair Ajayan, KM Abdul Noushad (82' IM Vijayan), M Lanel Thomas, M Mohammad Rafi (68' T Asif Saheer), MA Abdul Hakkim

MAHARASHTRA: Israt Kamal, Santosh Koli, Rauf Khan, Clifford Kilmo, Jinto Jose, Hekmat Singh, Vijith Shetty, Paresh Shivalkar, Steven Dias, Soccor Velho (77' Nirmaldeep Singh), Reuben D'Souza (90+1' Mohammed Shahid Ansari)

Man of the Match: Reuben D'Souza (Maharashtra)

Matchday 12 | November 17, 2005

Group B: Punjab 2-0 Tamil Nadu
Goals: 1-0 Gyan Moin Thapa (51'), 2-0 Charanjit Kumar (83')

Group D: Manipur 1-1 Goa
Goals: 1-0 Tomba Singh (87'), 1-1 Climax Lawrence (89')

Matchday 11 | November 16, 2005

Group A: Kerala 3-0 Delhi
Goals: 1-0 Krishnan Nair Ajayan (43'), 2-0 MA Abdul Hakkim (53'), 3-0 NP Pradeep (67')

Group C: Services 2-3 West Bengal
Goals: 1-0 Jayanta Sen (26'), 2-0 Raman Vijayan (51'), 2-1 L Danny (71'), 2-2 Shaji D'Silva (73'), 3-2 S Ramesh (85' - own Goal)

Matchday 10 postponed | November 15, 2005

Group A: Uttar Pradesh 2-0 Delhi
Goals: 1-0 Bhuvan Krishna Joshi (17'), 2-0 Prahlad Singh Rawat (32')

Group B: Tamil Nadu 0-1 Karnataka
Goals: 0-1 Amrutharaja (48' - own Goal)

Group C: Maharashtra 2-0 West Bengal
Goals: 1-0 Reuben D'Souza (58'), 2-0 Paresh Shivalkar (64')

Group D: Assam 0-6 Goa
Goals: 0-1,0-4,0-5,0-6 Anthony Pereira (12',26',45',53'), 0-2 Climax Lawrence (16'), 0-3 Clifford Miranda (25')

No matches today, schedule redrawn
November 14, 2005: All matches of the 60th Santosh Trophy 2005 scheduled for today have been postponed due to very heavy rains in the Kochi area. Due to the heavy rains the organisers were forced to reschedule all remaining matches of the tournament. Today's matches, which where postponed would be held tomorrow, but not all at the Nehru Stadium but two also at the FACT grounds at nearby Udyogamandal, which was deemed matchfit by the organisers and the team managers. Meanwhile the matches scheduled for tomorrow and day after have been pushed back by a day. The semifinals would now both be held on November 19 with the final going to be played on November 21, a day later than originally planned.

Matchday 10 | November 14, 2005

Group A: Uttar Pradesh - Delhi = postponed to tomorrow due to heavy rains

Group B: Tamil Nadu - Karnataka = postponed to tomorrow due to heavy rains

Group C: Maharashtra - West Bengal = postponed to tomorrow due to heavy rains

Group D: Assam - Goa = postponed to tomorrow due to heavy rains

Matchday 9 | November 13, 2005

Group A: Uttar Pradesh - Delhi = postponed to tomorrow due to heavy rains

Group B: Punjab 2-2 Karnataka
Goals: 1-0 Taranjit Singh (27'), 1-1 Shanmugam Venkatesh (62'), 2-1 Yadwinder Singh (71'), 2-2 Rajendra Prasad (84')

Group C: Maharashtra - West Bengal = postponed to tomorrow due to heavy rains

Matchday 8 | November 12, 2005

Group B: Punjab - Karnataka = postponed to tomorrow due to heavy rains

Group D: Manipur 1-3 Assam
Goals: 1-0 Sushil Kumar (23'), 2-0 Samson Singh (70'), 2-1 Sanjiva Rongpi (83'), 3-1 Dharamjit Singh (90+1')

Matchday 7 | November 11, 2005

Group A: Kerala 1-0 Uttar Pradesh
Goals: 1-0 MA Abdul Hakkim (71')

Group C: Services 3-5 Maharashtra
Goals: 1-0,2-1,5-3 Abhishek Yadav (28',37',77'), 1-1,4-3 L Danny (33',70'), 3-1,4-1 Soccor Velho (41',49'), 4-2 A Thirunavukarasu (67')

Preliminary phase over
November 10, 2005: The 60th Santosh Trophy preliminary phase finished yesterday in Thiruvananthapuram and Calicut with the eight group winners moving into the quarterfinal league. There was only one big upset with Assam throwing out Railways, while Tamil Nadu needed a late equaliser against Jharkhand to move on and Bengal had to stop the spirited and attacking men from Mizoram. Otherwise the expected group heavy weights moved on. The most impressive of the lot where Goa, who scored 32 goals in three games and conceeding none.
In the quarterfinal league hosts and defending champions Kerala, runners-up Punjab plus Services and Manipur are waiting as the seeded sides in the four groups. The tournament now also moves to Kochi, where the Nehru Stadium would host the matches but the planned colourful opening function has been called off due to the death of former President KR Narayanan yesterday.
The Kerala FA President KMI Mather has said that the preparations for the tournament have been completed and that the KFA has tied-up with the United India Insurance on insurance matters, be it stadium, players, officials or spectators.
The hosts Kerala are the favourites to retain the Santosh Trophy title, but they will surely face tought competition. Goa has been impressive so far, while Bengal seem to have found their touch at the right time plus teams like Manipur, Punjab, Maharashtra and Karnataka will also fancy their chances, and then there are teams like Services, Assam, Delhi and Uttar Pradesh who can cause the one or the other surprise.

Matchday 6 | November 9, 2005

Cluster III: Maharashtra 4-0 Orissa
Goals: 1-0 Paresh Shivalkar (48'), 2-0 Soccor Velho (55'), 3-0,4-0 Abhishek Yadav (66',71')

Cluster V: Tamil Nadu 1-1 Jharkhand
Goals: 0-1 Mirja Besra (38'), 1-1 Jegan (88')

Cluster VI: Karnataka 1-1 Haryana
Goals: 1-0 Xavier Vijayakumar (17'), 1-1 Praveen Arora (36')

Cluster VII: Tripura 3-0 Rajasthan
Goals: 1-0,3-0 Sathyajit Dev Roy (34',52'), 2-0 Shyamal Bhowmick (51')

Cluster VII: Goa 10-0 Sikkim
Goals: 1-0 Anthony Pereira (8'), 2-0 Nicholas L Rodrigues (33'), 3-0,4-0,5-0,10-0 Climax Lawrence (36',40',45+1',85'), 6-0 Nicolas Borges (48'), 7-0,9-0 Joaquim Abranches (61',83'), 8-0 Samir Naik (76')
Red Card: Steve Lepcha (Sikkim)

Cluster VII: Andhra Pradesh 1-1 Nagaland
Goals: 1-0 Mohammed Fareed (67'), 1-1 Leipakchao (81')

Cluster VII: West Bengal 1-1 Mizoram
Goals: 1-0 Raman Vijayan (58'), 1-1 Pachau Lalam Puia (74')

Matchday 5 | November 8, 2005

Cluster I: Madhya Pradesh 1-2 Uttar Pradesh
Goals: 0-1,0-2 Bhuvan Krishna Joshi (67',84'), 1-2 Anuj Pratap Singh (90+')

Cluster II: Delhi 2-0 Bihar
Goals: 1-0,2-0 Sumit Thapa (32',52')

Cluster III: Jammu&Kashmir 2-2 Meghalaya
Goals: 1-0 Bilal Ahmed Wani (28'), 1-1 Rogesterwell Basaiawmdit (55'), 1-2 Freddy Kharpran (77'), 2-2 Mehraj Din Wadoo (89')
Red Card: Polin Lyngdoh (Meghalaya)

Cluster III: Maharashtra - Orissa
Goals: postponed / will be played tomorrow

Cluster IV: Pondicherry 1-3 Chhattisgarh
Goals: 1-0 Anas (24'), 1-1,1-2 Kulwant Singh (40',43'), 1-3 Krishna Naidu (90')

Cluster IV: Railways 1-2 Assam
Goals: 0-1,1-2 Sanjiva Rongpi (40',61'), 1-1 Kasif Jamal (54')

Will Baichung play or not?
November 8, 2005: Will Baichung Bhutia play for West Bengal in the ongoing 60th Santosh Trophy?
Baichung's "International Transfer Clearance" was received today in Calcutta by the IFA, but a new problem has now cropped-up. As per the rules and regulations of the Santosh Trophy all players of a team have to be registered before their teams first match, but with Baichung not being a registered player in India until today, he could not be registered earlier at the Santosh Trophy.
But the IFA is working on the case. The IFA secretary Subrata Datta has sought special permission from the AIFF to allow Baichung to play for the state. The AIFF is looking into the matter.

Kerala announces squad
November 8, 2005: The Kerala FA today announced its state team for the Santosh Trophy 2005. The hosts will be captained by keeper MV Nelson, while striker MA Abdul Hakkim has been named vice-captain. 10 ofthe players are from State Bank of Travancore, while only four outstation players have been included in the final squad.
A number of players who were part of the Santosh Trophy winning squad last season like Shabbir Ali, Naushad Pari, T Usman, MK Suneer, VM Girish have been left out, while newcomers Jinish Thomas, K Dhanarajan, Martyn John and PK Anil Kumar made the squad after a nearly month long preparatory and selection camp.

Goalkeepers: MV Nelson (KSEB), Jean Christian (State Bank of Travancore), Jinish Thomas (Kochin Port Trust)
Defenders: K Jasser (KSEB), Vinu Jose (Sporting Clube de Goa), Abdul Basheer (State Bank of Travancore), Muttath Suresh (East Bengal Club), K Dhanarajan (Viva Kerala), K Bineesh (KSEB), Naduparambil Pappachan Pradeep (State Bank of Travancore)
Midfielders: Krishnan Nair Ajayan (Mahindra United), KM Abdul Noushad (State Bank of Travancore), Lanel Thomas (State Bank of Travancore), Bijish Ben (Central Excise), Silvester Ignatious (State Bank of Travancore), Martin John (State Bank of Travancore)
Forwards: Ebin Rose (Titanium), Asif Saheer (State Bank of Travancore), Mohammad Rafi (State Bank of Travancore), PK Anil Kumar (KSEB), MA Abdul Hakkim (State Bank of Travancore), IM Vijayan (East Bengal Club)
Coach: M Peethambaran
Manager: Patrick A Pereira
Technical Instructor: KP Sethumadhavan
Physio: Jiji George

Matchday 4 | November 7, 2005

Cluster V: Jharkhand 2-2 Gujarat
Goals: 0-1 Vishnu Chauhan (5'), 1-1,2-1 Vimal Pariyar (48',85'), 2-2 Mehul Rana (86')

Cluster VI: Chandigarh 1-0 Haryana
Goal: 1-0 Sameer Singh (15')

Cluster VII: Goa 15-0 Tripura
Goals: 1-0 Clifford Miranda (8'), 2-0,11-0 Anthony Perreira (17',55'), 3-0,4-0,5-0,8-0,9-0,10-0 Freddy Mascarenhas (18',22',29',39',42',54'), 6-0,7-0 Nicolas Borges (35',38'), 12-0,13-0,14-0 Nicholas Rodrigues (63',70',83'), 15-0 Alvito Rodrigues (90')
Red Card: Rajib Ghosh (Tripura)

Cluster VII: Sikkim 4-1 Rajasthan
Goals: 1-0,2-0,3-1 Birbahadur Pradhan (4',32',72'), 2-1 Rajesh Shyam (56'), 4-1 Milan Lepcha (83')

Cluster VII: West Bengal 3-0 Andhra Pradesh
Goals: 1-0 Dipendu Biswas (8'), 2-0 Sasthi Duley (64'), 3-0 Syed Rahim Nabi (89')

Cluster VII: Nagaland 1-3 Mizoram
Goals: 1-0 Temjen Kibang (18'), 1-1 Jerry Zirsanga (32'), 1-2 Vanlal Rova (59'), 1-3 Shylo Malswam Tulunga (60')

Matchday 3 | November 6, 2005

Cluster I: Uttar Pradesh 2-0 Uttaranchal
Goals: 1-0 Shamshi Raza (31'), 2-0 Amit Singh (62')

Cluster II: Bihar 3-0 Himachal Pradesh
Goals: 1-0 Upendra Kumar (32'), 2-0 Manoj Raman (81'), 3-0 Awdhes Kumar (89')

Cluster III: Maharashtra 1-1 Jammu&Kashmir
Goals: 0-1 Bilal Ahmed Wani (11'), 1-1 Mehraj Din Wadoo (70' own Goal)

Cluster III: Meghalaya 1-4 Orissa
Goals: 0-1,0-3,1-4 Gyan Ranjan Samal (2',33',59'), 0-2 Rajendra Prasad Singh (24'), 1-3 Rogesterwell Basaiawmdit (46')

Cluster IV: Railways 8-0 Pondicherry
Goals: 1-0,2-0,4-0,6-0 Ashim Biswas (2',4',17',37'), 3-0,7-0,8-0 Kasif Jamal (14',57',84'), 5-0 PV Vinoy (28')
Red Card: Ashim Biswas (Railways)

Cluster IV: Chhattisgarh 1-10 Assam
Goals: 0-1,0-3,1-10 Manikanta Brahma (14',33',90+1'), 0-2,0-4,1-8 Sanjiva Rongpi (31',37',74'), 1-4 Laxmendra Kumar (52'), 1-5 Khirod Das (57'), 1-6 Rahajuddin Ahmed (59'), 1-7 Nitu Narzary (68'), 1-9 Thong Tham Kom (87')

Bengal still waiting for Bhutia's ITC
November 6, 2005: Bengal started their campaign yesterday only with a two-all draw against Nagaland and that without their captain Baichung Bhutia and midfielder Mehtab Hussain. While Mehtab is busy with an office asignment, Baichung is awaiting his International Transfer Clearance from Malaysia. And that is taking longer than Baichung and Bengal coach Aloke Mukherjee would have hoped. It looks unlikely that Baichung can join the Bengal team before the quarterfinal league starts on November 11, if Bengal qualify, with his registration having also to go through.

Gujarat keeper banned
November 6, 2005: Gujarat goalkeeper George Mathew has been suspended for the duration of the Santosh Trophy by the tournament disciplinary committee. This decision was taken after Mathew had knocked down the referee C Krishnan (Kerala) in yesterday's match between Gujarat and Tamil Nadu.

Matchday 2 | November 5, 2005

Cluster V: Tamil Nadu 2-0 Gujarat
Goals: 1-0,2-0 Kalia Kulothungan (44',64')
Red Card: George Mathew (Gujarat)

Cluster VI: Karnataka 1-0 Chandigarh
Goals: 1-0 Shanmugam Venkatesh (30')
Red Cards: Sunil Kumar (Karnataka); Niraj Malik (Chandigarh)

Cluster VII: Goa 7-0 Rajasthan
Goals: 1-0 Anthony Pereira (27'), 2-0,4-0,6-0 Freddy Mascarenhas (37',59',79'), 3-0 Climax Lawrence (51'), 5-0 Mahesh Gawli (61'), 7-0 Joaquim Abranches (90+2')

Cluster VII: Tripura 1-1 Sikkim
Goals: 1-0 Amarjit Singh (12'), 1-1 Bigen Tamang (72')

Cluster VII: West Bengal 2-2 Nagaland
Goals: 1-0 Dipendu Biswas (12'), 1-1 Temjen Kibang (44'), 2-1 Syed Rahim Nabi (45'+1), 2-2 Vizorü Peseyie (76')

Cluster VII: Andhra Pradesh 2-2 Mizoram
Goals: 1-0 Mohammed Quizar (14'), 1-1 Shylo Malswam Tulunga (25'), 1-2 Pachau Lalam Puia (67'), 2-2 MD Fareed (73')
Red Card: P Prabhakara Reddy (Andhra Pradesh)

Air India Express named title sponsor
November 4, 2005: Air India Express, the low cost wing of the national carrier, will be the title sponsor of the 60th Santosh Trophy, which kicked-off today with the Cluster round in Thiruvananthapuram and Calicut. The tournament will now be known as "Air India Express Santosh Trophy" after Air India Express signed a contract with TV rights holders Zee Sports and their marketing partners Nimbus Sports.
This was announced at a press conference in Kochi where Kerala FA president KMI Mather, Zee Sports business head Himanshu Mody and Air India deputy commercial director Darius Chibber were present.
Zee Sports also announced today that it would beam 16 matches of the Santosh Trophy live from the Quarterfinal League stage in Kochi. The coverage would be as extensive as they were from the Federation Cup last month.

Punjab announces squad
November 4, 2005: Punjab, who were a finalist last year, have announced their 20 member Santosh Trophy squad to be lead by seasoned Ram Pal as captain.

Goalkeepers: Karanjit Singh (JCT Mills), Bhupinder Singh (PSEB)
Defenders: Sunil Kumar (JCT Mills), Parminder Singh (JCT FA), Narinder Singh (JCT Mills), Taranjit Singh (JCT Mills), Gurinder Pal Singh (JCT FA), Rahul (JCT FA), Kuldip Singh (JCT Mills)
Midfielders: Surjit Singh (JCT Mills), Parminder Singh (JCT Mills), Sarabjit Singh (PSEB), Shivraj Singh (JCT Mills), Dilbag Singh (PSEB), Yadwinder Singh (JCT Mills), Ram Paul (JCT Mills, Captain), Sukhwinder Singh (BSF)
Forwards: Gyan Moyon (JCT Mills), Gurpreet Singh (PSEB), Charanjit Kumar (JCT Mills)
Coach: Jagir Singh
Manager: Balbir Singh
Technical Director: Kesho Kirpal Singh

Matchday 1 | November 4, 2005

Cluster I: Madhya Pradesh 1-2 Uttaranchal
Goals: 0-1 Sidharth Thapa (13'), 0-2 Kundan Kanwal Singh (15'), 1-2 Praveen Nair (27')

Cluster II: Delhi 7-0 Himachal Pradesh
Goals: 1-0,2-0,5-0,7-0 Lalit Singh Rawat (10',59',87',89'), 3-0,6-0 Sumit Thapa (62',88'), 4-0 Ricky Chakchanak (85')

Cluster III: Maharashtra 2-0 Meghalaya
Goals: 1-0 Abhishek Yadav (57'), 2-0 Soccor Velho (61')
Red Card: Silon Syngkren (Meghalaya)

Cluster III: Jammu&Kashmir 1-2 Orissa
Goals: 0-1 Bijay Ray (28'), 1-1 JK Ishfaq Ahmed (70'), 1-2 Antu Murmu (84')

Cluster IV: Railways 4-0 Chhattisgarh
Goals: 1-0,4-0 Kasif Jamal (32',90'+), 2-0 PV Vinoy (40'), 3-0 S Suresh Kumar (78')

Cluster IV: Pondicherry 0-5 Assam
Goals: 0-1 Nitu Narzary (17'), 0-2,0-3 Rahajuddin Ahmed (31',35'), 0-4 Manikanta Brahma (61'), 0-5 Thomson Langthasa (86')

Santosh Trophy starts tomorrow
November 3, 2005: The 60th Santosh Trophy will kickoff tomorrow at two venues, in two cities - Thiruvananthapuram and Calicut - in the state of Kerala where 27 States and the Railways face each other in eight groups of the preliminary Cluster round.
The Chandrasekharan Nair Stadium in Thiruvananthapuram will host the matches of Clusters II, III, V and VIII. A number of problems were sorted out before the start of the tournament like availability of the stadium for the six days to host a total of 18 matches plus power supply from the KSEB to ensure that the six floodlit matches can be hosted. The Kerala Finance Minister, Vakkom Purushothaman, will inaugurate the tournament in the state capital with Delhi taking on Himachal Pradesh. Three matches will be held a day at 7.00, 14.00 and 16.00 IST.
The Municipal Corporation Stadium in Calicut will host the matches of Clusters I, IV, VI and VII. The Mayor of Calicut M Bhaskaran will inaugurate the Cluster league in his city with Madhya Pradesh taking on Uttaranchal in the opening match. In Calicut the three matches a day will be played at 8.00, 14.00 and 16.00 IST. Ticket prices in Calicut have been reduced from the regular Rs 25 to Rs 10 to enable as many people as possible to watch the matches.
In Thiruvananthapuram the focus will be on the Bengal team which is being led by Baichung Bhutia. With Bhutia missing the Federation Cup and having had a bad year so far on Indian soil for his own high standards, he will want to prove a point that he still is one of the best players in India. In Calicut Goa will be the main attraction with a number of top players in their squad.
The eight winners of the Cluster League will make it to the Quarterfinal League, where the semifinalists of last years Santosh Trophy join the tournament. Here the tournament shifts to Kochi, which will also host the semifinals and the big final showdown.

Nagaland team announced
November 1, 2005: The Nagaland Santosh Trophy squad has signed a chief guest coach in Subrata Bhattacharjee. Subrata has a talented young squad at his disposal with the players mostly playing across the Northeast. The team has a tough opening match against Bengal on November 5.

Goalkeepers: William, Chubawati, Aselie
Defenders: Lanusanen, Beilie, Kedithundo, Asou
Midfielders: Chodevi, Yanger, Kethokhrietuo, Vizakie, Viza Seyie, Vileibeizo, Medose, Bokato, Aongunsghi (Captain), Temjen (vice-Captain)
Forwards: Leipakchao, Vizorü Peseyie, Visakholie
Chief guest coach: Subrata Bhattacharjee
Team manger: Ruopfu Meysae

Milan Lepcha to lead Sikkim
November 1, 2005: Milan Lepcha will lead the Sikkim Santosh Trophy squad in the absence of Sikkim's best known footballer Baichung Bhutia, who decided to play for Bengal. Sikkim take on Goa, Rajasthan and Tripura in Cluster VII.

Milan Lepcha (Captain), Sonam Pintso, Anil Pradhan, Pradip Gurung, Anup Sewa, Dup Tshering, Sonam Thendup, Prabat, Gurung, Steve Lepcha, Bigen Tamang, Deepak Gurung, Birbahadur Pradhan, S Ansari, Thupden Bhutia, Wangchuk Bhutia, CP Subba, Tshering Lepcha, L Sherpa, Nitish Gurung
Coach: Suresh Mukhia
Manager: Munna Pradhan

Delhi team for Santosh Trophy
October 31, 2005: Delhi announced their 20 member squad for the 60th Santosh Trophy today.

Vinay Singh, Vijay Singh; Defenders: Pradeep Kumar (captain), Manoj Singh Gusain, Bijender Singh, Paritosh Kumar Sharma, Ranvijay Singh, Prashant Jaggi, Mahender Kanojia; Midfielders: Irfan Zaman Khan, Lalit Singh, Manoj Chowdhary, Rupesh Dev, Arjun Pandit, Praveen Rawat. Forwards: Faiz Alam, Sumit Thapa, Palmei Poupangai, Ricky Chakchanak, Thoiba Singh
Stand-by player: Sanjeev Kumar (Goalkeeper), Harish Joshi, Rajesh Negi, Bhartendu Sharma, Tara Singh Adhikari, Ajay Kumar, Saurav Bisht, Amit Sharma, Ishan Rawlley Singh, Ujjwal Barua

SBI to sponsor Bengal team
October 31, 2005: The Bengal state team will be sponsored by the State Bank of India for the 60th Santosh Trophy to be held in Kerala from later this week. The sponsorship is part of the bicentennial celebrations of the State Bank of India, which is the first time for Bengal state football.
Meanwhile the Bengal team will leave for Kerala tomorrow by train from Howrah station.

Bhutia to lead Bengal team
October 30, 2005: Baichung Bhutia has been named captain of the West Bengal Santosh Trophy team. Baichung is one of four non-Bengali natives to make the side. The others are Goans Covan Lawrence and Noel Anthony Wilson plus seasoned Raman Vijayan, who hails from Tamil Nadu. There are two outstation players in the team - keeper Kalyan Chaubey from JCT Mills and midfielder Mahindra United midfielder Subhas Chakraborty.
Talking to UNI, coach Aloke Mukherjee said, "I will not guarantee you that we will become champion. But this side has the talent to become champion. They are also a motivated lot." Asked if he was happy with the side given to him, he said, "I could not have asked for a better side. This side has rocksolid defence and firepower upfront," he stated.
On whether playing five matches in 10 days would be a tough for the team, he said, "It will, but if the schedule demands it, we would have to go by it. Besides, we have 20 very good players and there would always be a scope to give rest to some players from time to time." He then said the players belonging to big clubs also showed their keenness to play in the tourney and had practised as advised and without showing any hint of any problem.
Goalkeepers: Subrata Pal (Mohun Bagan AC), Rajat Ghosh Dastidar (East Bengal Club), Kalyan Chaubey (JCT Mills)
Defenders: Covan Lawrence (East Bengal Club), Madhab Das (Mohammedan Sporting Club), Amulya Mondal (EverReady SA), Manas Das (Mohun Bagan AC), Rajib Ahmed (Mohun Bagan AC), Soumik Dey (East Bengal Club)
Midfielders: Mehtab Hussein (Mohun Bagan AC), Noel Anthony Wilson (Mohun Bagan AC), Chandan Das (East Bengal Club, vice-Captain), Sasthi Duley (East Bengal Club), Subhas Chakraborty (Mahindra United), Jayanta Sen (East Bengal Club), Shankha Roy Choudhury (Mohun Bagan AC)
Forwards: Baichung Bhutia (East Bengal Club, Captain), Syed Rahim Nabi (East Bengal Club), Raman Vijayan (Mohammedan Sporting Club), Dipendu Biswas (Mohun Bagan AC)
Coach: Aloke Mukherjee

Mizoram announces young and talented team
October 30, 2005: The Mizoram FA announced its squad for the Santosh Trophy taking place in Kerala. Mizoram has an interesting squad lead by some of India's rising young talent.
Goalkeepers: Vanlalhruaia (1st Bn MAP), Hanggolal Kuki (Assam Regimental Centre)
Defenders: Lalhruaitluanga (FC Kulikawn), Laldaniela (Luangmual FC), Zorammawia (Durtlang FC), Lalruatfela (Assam Regimental Centre), Henry Zonunsanga (Assam Regimental Centre), Robert Lalthalmuana (Tata Football Academy), Santa (Assam Regimental Centre)
Midfielders: Jerry Zirsanga (Mohun Bagan AC), Vanlal Rova (Churchill Brothers SC), Malswama (Mohammedan Sporting Club), Laldingliana (Assam Regimental Centre), Gordon Zoramchhana (Assam Regimental Centre), H Lalremruata (Oil India Limited), Johny (Assam Regimental Centre)
Forwards: Shylo Malswam Tulunga (East Bengal Club), Pachau Lalam Puia (Tata Football Academy), Lalvulluaia (Assam Regimental Centre), Lalsangliana (Assam Regimental Centre), Lalduhzuala (Assam Regimental Centre), Sansel (Assam Regimental Centre)
Coach: NS Koireng
Manager: C Vanlalmuana
Technical Director: Vanlalngheta

Maharashtra coach talks to IndianFootball.Com
October 29, 2005: The Chief Coach of the Maharashtra Santosh Trophy team, Mr. Irenio Vaz, had a few words with IndianFootball.com Editor Sujay Sharma before the departure of the team to Kerala, following their selection-cum-preparation camp at the Cooperage.
On his expectations of the Maharashtra team, Mr. Vaz said, "Our goal is to first qualify for the Quarter-finals. Then we will take it from there step-by-step. I'm hopeful that the players will make a good first impression at the tournament from the first match itself, as the first impressions are the best."
On being queried about the state of preparation of the team, Mr. Vaz did highlight that the preparation time had been very short - in part because the MDFA Elite Division finished very late. Shifting focus to the positive aspects of the team, Mr. Vaz stressed, "I must point out that we are taking a very young team. Maybe they are lacking in experience a bit, but they are an exuberant and excited bunch, who are looking forward to the tournament." He added that the Mahindra United and Air-India players would form the nucleus of the team. Steven Dias for example would definitely be a key player. He's had an excellent Federation Cup, and Team Maharashtra will be hoping for him to continue his rich vein of form with them.
The favourites according to Mr. Vaz: "The usual suspects - Bengal, Kerala. Kerala specially as they will have home support." While concluding, he did raise an insightful point, "The last time the Santosh Trophy was held in Kerala, in 2000, Maharashtra had gone there in similar circumstances. And on that occasion we had won it."

Maharashtra squad released
October 28, 2005: The Western India Football Association has announced the Maharashtra state team for the upcoming Santosh Trophy. The team will leave Mumbai on October 31 and play its first match against Meghalaya on November 4.
Mohammed Shahid Ansari, Nitin Koturwar, Amit Chaurasia (all Nagpur), Israt Kamal (Central Railway), Clifford Kilmo (Golden Gunners), Sujit Manaly (Golden Gunners), Santosh Koli (Air-India), Jinto Jose (Mumbai Customs), Rauf Khan (Mahindra United), Hekmat Singh (Mumbai Customs), Douzy Godinho (Central Railway), Javed Ansari (Air-India), Vijith Shetty (Air-India), Paresh Shivalkar (Air-India), Nirmal Deep Singh (Bengal Mumbai FC), Khalid Siddique (Bengal Mumbai FC), Steven Dias (Mahindra United), Soccor Velho (Golden Gunners), Reuben D'Souza (Golden Gunners), Abhishek Yadav (Mahindra United)
Chief coach: Irenio Vaz
Coach: Ashok Yadav
Technical director: Dereyk DeSouza

Karnataka announces squad
October 28, 2005: The Karnataka State FA announced its squad for the Santosh Trophy taking place in Kerala.
Sunil Kumar (Captain), Gumpe Rime, Altafuddin Ahmed, Mashangva Genius Zenith, Joseph Anandavasan, Raghuveer Singh, Xavier Vijayakumar, Sampath Kumar Kuttimani, Rajendra Prasad, Satish Kumar, D Raju, Nanda Kumar (all HAL), Ranjith Lopez (BEL), N Venkatesh (CIL), Sunil Kumar (ADE), Robin Singh (MEG), Papiah Jagadish Kumar (Churchill Brothers SC), Manju Nanjangud Shivananju, Shanmugam Venkatesh (both Mahindra United), RC Prakash (East Bengal)
Coach: R Thyagaraj
Manager: KGS Alva
Assistant Manager: ST Bhoopal
Technical Director: S Krishnaji Rao

Chetri to miss Santosh Trophy
October 28, 2005: Delhi have lost their star player Sunil Chetri for the 60th Santosh Trophy due to a technical mistake. Chetri, who plays for Punjabi side JCT Mills, was with the Delhi squad for a few days before being recalled by his club, who stated that Chetri was being recalled as the Delhi Soccer Association's application to release Chetri came in too late. JCT cited the example of keeper Kalyan Chaubey, who was wanted by the IFA for the Bengal team, and got his release; while Manipur made a late appeal to release Renedy Singh for their state team, but it was turned down. For Delhi it is a big blow and clearly weakens the team.

Assam team announced
October 27, 2005: The Assam FA has announced a 19 member squad for the 60 Santosh Trophy, which leaves Guwahati for Kerala tomorrow. Assam State Electricity Board striker Sanjiva Rongpi has been named captain. The Assam state team will not be full strength as Oil India Limited and state Police team players could not join the team due to office commitments.
Goalkeepers: Bilifang Narzary, Sunil Chetry
Defenders: Birendra Narzary, Thong Thang Kom, Suresh Das, Manoj Mushahary, Dekhar Marak, Zenith Sharma
Midfielders: Manikanta Brahma, David Goyari (vice-Captain), Nitu Narzary, Mathew Thangson, Nayan Wary, Khirod Das
Forwards: Sanjiva Rongpi (Captain), Thomson Langthasa, Rahajuddin Ahmed, Padum Rabha, Parikhit Rabha
Coaches: Arun Borthakur, Pradip Kurmar Brahma
Manager: Plaban Baruah

Bhutia visits Bengal camp
October 24, 2005: Baichung Bhutia was a surprise visitor to the Bengal Santosh Trophy probables camp at the SAI Eastern Centre today. He asked coach Aloke Mukherjee if he could train with the others and the coach allowed him to take part though it isn't known if he can play for Bengal. The IFA has written their Sikkimese counterparts for a no objection certificate that Baichung plays for Bengal in the national tournament, but no answer has been received so far.

HP announces final squad
October 23, 2005: The state of Himachal Pradesh has selected it's final 18 member squad for the 60th Santosh Trophy to be held next month in Kerala
Squad: Mukesh Pundhir, Pankaj Dutta; Shiv, Ravinder Thakur, Chirag, Ramesh, Narinder, Bhanou, Bhineet, Ankush Thapa, Dhig Vijay, Mannu, Vikram Bhisht, Hitender Thakur, Puneet Saini, Sunny, Harcharan, Atul, Deepak Thakur, Ajay
Stand-by player: Kuldeep Thakur (GK), Jai Verdhan, Aseem Rana, Bhupeder, Kuki, Johan Singh

Sikkim or Bengal?
October 22, 2005: For whom will Baichung Bhutia play in the upcoming 60th Santosh Trophy. Baichung's home state of Sikkim have requested the services of their best known footballer, but also Baichung's adopted home state of Bengal has shown interest to include the striker in their squad. A final decision has not been taken yet.

Vijayan back for Kerala
October 19, 2005: Kerala, which is hosting the 60th Santosh Tropyh this year, has decided to call on five state players, who play their football in other states. The five include seasoned IM Vijayan, who has had a good season so far and is a big big star in his home state, so his return makes complete sense. Vijayan and defender Muttath Suresh have been called from Calcutta's East Bengal Club, as Mahindra United duo goalkeeper TG Purushothaman and midfielder Krishnan Nair Ajayan and Vinu Jose who plays for Sporting Clube de Goa.
Meanwhile four players have been released from the ongoing probables camp. The players are goalkeeper Shinu Joseph, midfielders TK Prasoon and PP Vijeesh besides forward EK Arun.

Manipur call-up 10 state players
October 19, 2005: The technical committee of the All-Manipur FA has decided to call in 10 state players who play outside the state. More might be called in later on as in the last few editions of the Santosh Trophy Manipur has played mostly with outstation players.
The 10 players are Mohun Bagan quartet Manitombi Singh, Tomba Singh, Dharamjit and Sushil Kumar Singh; Mahindra United duo Surkumar Singh and James Singh; Sporting Clube de Goa duo N Samananda Singh and Rajesh N Meetei, Air-India's Narender Meetei and Bungo Singh. If Bungo can join the camp is in doubt due to an injury.

Manipur probables announced
October 17, 2005: The All-Manipur FA technical committee has selected 22 local players to attend a selection-cum-coaching camp in preparation for the 60th Santosh Trophy next month. The camp kicks off on October 19 under coach Ekendra Singh.
Goalkeepers: A Imojit Singh, H Noren Singh, O Ingobi Singh, S Narakanta Singh
Defender: Gangjamin Kamal, Mohammed Khan, N Uttam Singh, Duidang, Lempa, Laltlangsang, L Lokesh Singh
Midfielders: L Romeo Singh, G Ninja Kabui, David Kamson, Bisheshor, Charan Rai, S Manimohon, Benjamin Touthang
Forwards: Bany Chiru, N Jimmy Singh, Luminlal Khongsai, Halun

Delhi camp from Oct.19
October 17, 2005: The selection trials for the Delhi senior state team for the 60th Santosh Trophy to be played next month in Kerala would be held from October 19 at the Ambedkar Stadium, Delhi.

KFA releases clusters and fixtures
October 15, 2005: The groupings and fixtures of the Cluster phase of the 60th Santosh Trophy were released today by the Kerala FA president KMI Mather. The Cluster-leg would be held from November 4 to 10 in Thiruvananthapuram and Calicut, while the final round with the quarterfinal league, semifinals and final would be held in Kochi from November 11 to 20. In total 32 states and government institutions would be taking part in this years tournament.
Cluster-I: Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Uttaranchal
Cluster-II: Delhi, Bihar, Himachal Pradesh
Cluster-III: Maharashtra, Orissa, Jammu&Kashmir, Meghalaya
Cluster-IV: Railways, Pondicherry, Assam, Chhattisgarh
Cluster-V: Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Jharkhand
Cluster-VI: Karnataka, Haryana, Chandigarh
Cluster-VII: Goa, Rajasthan, Sikkim, Tripura
Cluster-VIII: West Bengal, Mizoram, Nagaland, Andhra Pradesh

Kerala calls-up players
October 6, 2005: Defending champions Kerala kickoff their preparations to retain the Santosh Trophy title on October 10 with a selection camp at the FACT Ground, Udyogamandal under head coach M Peethambaran. 41 players have been called to the camp with relegated NFL side State Bank of Travancore having the most players at the camp with 12 of them. If and how the Kerala and SBT camps can go on simultaneously is not known as SBT prepare of the Federation Cup.
A number of player from last years winning squad are missing like goalkeeper TG Purushothaman, defender Sivakumar, midfielder Shabbir Ali and forward Naushad Pari; while SBT goalkeeper PV Harshal Rehman, who had an outstanding NFL is also a surprise omision.
Missing due to injury will be SBT defender Abdul Basheer, while Titanium's wing back K Sameer has been called but is likely to miss out, while KSEB's P Sanush Raj could also drop out due to injury. But SBT striker T Asif Saheer returns to the squad.
Some of the newcomers of the list are R Dhanarajan (Viva Kerala), H Anil and Jackson Sebastian (Titanium), PA Suneer (Kochi Port Trust) and Prince Paulose (SBT).
Kerala Porbables: Goalkeepers: Jean Christian, MV Nelson, Jinish Thomas, H Anil, Shinu Joseph, A Jaffer Defenders: K Sameer, K Jaseer, R Dhanarajan, PA Suneer, B Deepu, Prince Paulose, D Sajin, NV Yahiya, Abhilash Appukuttan, P Sanush Raj, K Bineesh, NP Pradeep
Midfielders: KM Abdul Naushad, M Lanesh Thomas, MK Sunil, VM Girish, Bijish Ben, Martin John, R Rajesh, TK Prasoon, PP Vijeesh, PM Sushil Kumar
Forwards: Ignatius Sylvester, Ebin Rose, T Asif Saheer, PK Anil Kumar, Rafi Jacob, Jackson Sebastian, AG Mohammed Aslam, PB Ramesh, CC Hanson, EK Arun, T Usman, MA Abdul Hakkim, M Mohammed Rafi
Coach: M Peethambaran