Nadkarni Cup 2007:
from 13.July upto 18.August 2007 in Mumbai, Maharashtra

The Nadkarni Cup which was first held way back in 1939 had been suspended between 1983 to 2000 due to factionalism in Mumbai football. It has been revived since the 2000 season onwards, though it was skipped again in 2004.The late Ghanashyam Nilkanth Nadkarni had donated the trophy for the tournament.
Round 1:
13-Jul-07: Dena Bank 0-2 Rashtriya Chemicals & Fertilizers [8 Kailash Patil, 10 Souvaid Ansari] 18-Jul-07: Bank of India 2-1 Mumbai United [B: 20,59 Harish Bhoir; M: 15 Shahbaz Khan]
19-Jul-07: Central Railway 7-1 Air India Juniors 2?-Jul-07: ONGC, Mumbai 7-0 Kenkre Football Academy 2?-Jul-07: Akbar Travels 2-3 Union Bank of India
24-Jul-07: ONGC, Mumbai 1-0 Mumbai Customs [82 Dharmesh Patel] 30-Jul-07: Central Railway, Mumbai 3-1 Bank of India [C: 48 Dennis George, 67 Kasif Jamal, 76 Sumesh KS; B: 83 Ubaid Ansari] 31-Jul-07: Air India 2-0 Union Bank of India [19 Singam Subash Singh, 46 Surojit Roy] 01-Aug-07: Western Railway, Mumbai 5-4 Rashtriya Chemicals & Fertilizers [penalties] [W: 67 Subhash Adilkar; R: 72 Lawrence Dias]
02-Aug-07: Central Railway, Mumbai 5-4 Air India [C: 8 Agnelo Fernandes; A: 6 Kumar Samson Singh] 05-Aug-07: ONGC, Mumbai w-o Western Railway, Mumbai = Western Railway failed to turn-up due to miscommunication
18-Aug-07: Central Railway, Mumbai 3-0 ONGC, Mumbai [29 Soccero Velho, 55 Aziz Qureshi, 62 P Safique]

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