21th "Kalyani Black Label" Federation Cup 1998:
from 18.July upto 12.September 1998 all over India

India's second professional football club Bengal Mumbai FC wasn't allowed to enter the competition because the AIFF was against the participation of a club, which hadn't participated in a local league yet, like the FC Kochin matter last year! In the end, Calcutta giants Mohun Bagan and East Bengal faced each other in the final at the Calcutta Saltlake stadium, with Mohun Bagan winning it's 10th Federation Cup title.

Zonal Qualifiers:
South Zone: in Kannur, Kerala. Quarterfinals 25-Jul-98: Integral Coach Factory beat Coaching Centre FC 26-Jul-98: State Bank of Travancore 5-2 HAL, Bangalore 27-Jul-98: FC Kochin 5-0 CIL, Bangalore 28-Jul-98: Indian Bank 5-1 TG Venkatesh XI, AP Semifinals: 30-Jul-98: FC Kochin 4-0 Integral Coach Factory 31-Jul-98: State Bank of Travancore beat Indian Bank Final: 02-Aug-98: FC Kochin 2-0 State Bank of Travancore - both finalists qualify for the Pre-Quarterfinals
West Zone: in Nagpur, Maharashtra. Quarterfinals 01-Aug-98: Air India 2-0 Sporting Union, Bhopal 02-Aug-98: Central Railway 0-1 Immaculate Group, Ahmadebad 03-Aug-98: VLM SC, Goa 5-0 Nivia SC, Kota 04-Aug-98: Vasco SC 3-0 Renegade, Daman Island Semifinals: 05-Aug-98: Air India 1-0 VLM SC, Goa 06-Aug-98: Vasco SC 2-0 Immaculate Group Final: 08-Aug-98: Vasco SC 1-0 Air India - Vasco qualified for the Pre-Quarterfinals, while Air India move to the playoffs
North Zone: in Chandigarh. Qualifier 02-Aug-98: Indian Air Force 4-1 Haryana State Electricity Board Quarterfinals 03-Aug-98: Himalayan Tigers, HP 0-6 Punjab State Electricity Board 04-Aug-98: YMCA, Srinagar, J&K 4-3 Youngsters Club, Chandigarh [after penalties] 05-Aug-98: JCT Mills 1-0 Indian Air Force 06-Aug-98: City Club, Delhi 4-2 Sports Hostel, Haldwani, UP Semifinals: 07-Aug-98: JCT Mills 3-0 YMCA, Srinagar 08-Aug-98: City Club, Delhi 0-2 Punjab State Electricity Board Final: 10-Aug-98: JCT Mills 2-0 Punjab State Electricity Board - JCT Mills qualified for the Pre-Quarterfinals, while PSEB move to the playoffs
East Zone: in Cuttack, Orissa. Semifinals: 18-Jul-98: Jorba Durga Club, Orissa 3-1 Peerless SC 19-Jul-98: Tollygunge Agragami 2-0 Tisco, Bihar Final: 22-Jul-98: Jorba Durga Club, Orissa 1-0 Tollygunge Agragami - Jorba Durga qualified for the Pre-Quarterfinals, while Tollygunge Agragami move to the playoffs
North-East Zone: in Shillong, Meghalaya & Agartala, Tripura. Quarterfinals 24-Jul-98: Langsning FC, Shillong 3-0 Young Amateurs, Guwahati 25-Jul-98: PWD SC, Nagaland beat 2nd ASRF, Assam 26-Jul-98: Bloodmouth, Agartala beat AVO, Manipur 27-Jul-98: Electric FC, Mizoram 1-0 Eastern Sporting, Mizoram Semifinals: 29-Jul-98: Langsning FC, Shillong 3-1 Electric FC, Mizoram 30-Jul-98: Bloodmouth, Agartala beat PWD SC, Nagaland Final: 01-Aug-98: Langsning FC, Shillong 2-1 Bloodmouth, Agartala - Langsning qualified for the Pre-Quarterfinals, while Bloodmouth move to the playoffs
Pre-Quarterfinal Playoffs - Agartala & Mumbai:
20-Aug-98: Bloodmouth, Agartala 0-1 Tollygunge Agragami 23-Aug-98: Air India 1-2 Border Security Force
23-Aug-98: Dempo Sports Club 0-2 Vasco SC [62 Premanand Gadekar, 64 Louis Nickson] 23-Aug-98: East Bengal Club 3-1 Jorba Durga Club [E: 7 Dipendu Biswas, 57 Basudeb Mondal, 84 Raman Vijayan; J: 82 Suraj Thapa] 24-Aug-98: Churchill Brothers SC 7-0 Langsning FC, Shillong [4,6,8,17 Cyril Barreto, 43 Mario Soares, 80,81 Aqueel Ansari] 24-Aug-98: Salgaocar SC 0-1 State Bank Travancore [91 Ignatius Sylvester] 25-Aug-98: Border Security Force 1-0 Tollygunge Agragami [61 Gauranga Pal] 27-Aug-98: Mohun Bagan AC 2-0 FC Kochin [14,28 Chima Okerie] 27-Aug-98: ITI, Bangalore 0-1 Punjab State Electricity Board [26 Guridish Singh] 28-Aug-98: Mohammedan Sporting Club 1-0 JCT Mills [golden Goal] [116 Cassius Owino]
27-Aug-98: Churchill Brothers SC 2-1 Border Security Force [golden Goal] [C: 32,111 Philip Mensah; B: 84 Harvinder Singh] 28-Aug-98: Vasco Sports Club 0-5 East Bengal Club [38,45 Raman Vijayan, 56,86 Renedy Singh, 86 Carlton Chapman] 30-Aug-98: Mohammedan Sporting 4-3 Punjab State Electricity Board [after penalties] 31-Aug-98: Mohun Bagan AC 1-0 State Bank Travancore [83 Sammy Omollo]
05-Sep-98: East Bengal Club 1-0 Churchill Brothers SC [71 Renedy Singh] 06-Sep-98: Mohammedan Sporting Club 1-2 Mohun Bagan AC [MS: 81 Joy Kabui; MB: 69 IM Vijayan, Chima Okerie]
Third Place Playoff:
12-Sep-98: Churchill Brothers 1-0 Mohammedan Sporting Club [86 Elvis Fernandes]
12-Sep-98: Mohun Bagan AC 2-1 East Bengal Club [M: 10 Amit Das, 20 IM Vijayan; E: 89 Carlton Chapman]

Leading scorer: 1. Cyril Barreto (Churchill Brothers) - 4 Goals

List of Awardees:
Man of Tournament: Amit Das - Mohun Bagan
Best Goalkeeper: Hemanta Dora - Mohun Bagan

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