News for the month of August:
31. August
Bangalore A Division: BEL 2-1 BEML(EM), ADE 2-0 Govt Press
Calcutta Super Division - Super5: Mohun Bagan 1-1 East Bengal

30. August
Bangalore A Division: CIL 1-1 LRDE, AGORC 1-1 KSP (Jrs)
Calcutta Super Division - Bottom5: Calcutta Port Trust 0-1 Food Corporation of India, BNR 0-2 Eastern Railway
Calcutta Super Division - Super5: Mohammedan Sporting 0-1 Tollygunge Agragami

29. August
Bangalore A Division: United Bangalore 2-1 Telecom, ITI (Srs) 2-0 KSP (Srs)
Delhi Senior Division - Super League: New Delhi Heroes 3-0 Moonlight, Shastri Club 2-0 Collegians

28. August
Bangalore A Division: HASC 3-1 MEG, AGORC 0-0 ADE
Calcutta Super Division - Top5: Mohun Bagan 5-0 Mohammedan Sporting, East Bengal 2-0 George Telegraph
Mumbai Super Division: Mahindra&Mahindra 1-0 Central Bank of India

Note-1: 32 schools in the junior and 24 in sub-junior categories from India and SAARC countries will participate in the Subroto Cup tournament, starting in Delhi on September 1 at Ambedkar Stadium. In the junior section (15-17 years), the teams including defending champions Mamata School, Delhi, have been divided into eight groups for the qualifying league, the group leaders making it to the knock-out quarterfinals, starting on September 11. The semifinals will be played on Sep 19/20 and the final is slated for Sep 29. In the sub-junior section (11-14 year) also, the teams have been divided into eight groups for the league phase. The quarterfinals will be played from September 23, the semifinals on 26th and the final on September 28. Scholarships worth Rs 2,500 each would be given to five outstanding players in the junior category while scholarships worth the same amount would be offered to six players in the sub-junior section.

27. August
Delhi Senior Division - Super League: New Delhi Heroes 2-0 Goan SC, Hindustan FC 0-0 Collegians FC
Governor's Gold Cup - Semifinal - Goa: Churchill Brothers vs Salcete FC

26. August
Bangalore A Division: United Bangalore 2-0 CIL, Telecom 1-1 KSP (Jrs)
Delhi Senior Division - Super League: Shastri Club 3-0 Moonlight, Delhi Police 2-1 Indian Air Force, Delhi
Governor's Gold Cup - Semifinal - Goa: Salgaocar 2-0 Vasco SC
Mumbai Super Division: RCF 1-1 Central Railway

25. August
Bangalore A Division: KSP (Srs) 2-0 MEG, ITI (Srs) 4-1
Calcutta Super Division - Super5: East Bengal 1-0 Tollygunge Agragami, Mohun Bagan 2-0 George Telegraph
Delhi Senior Division - Super League: City Club 0-0 Indian Nationals
Governor's Gold Cup - Quarterfinal - Goa: Churchill Brothers beat Napoli SC

Note-1: Good news regarding the indian youngster Jas Jutla, who played for Scottish 1.Division club Greenock Morton last season, is currently on trial with an english 2.Division club according infos I received from my friend Jas Bains. Which english 2.Division club could it be??? YES, it is Baichung Bhutia's club Bury FC. Would be great to have two Indians at a professional club in the UK. If Jas Jutla signs for Bury it could be of a advantage for both Baichung and Jas. For Baichung it could be of an advantage to have an indian brother in the team, while for Jas it could be easier to enter the national team as Bury is likely to be watched in India due to Baichung's presence. Go Jas and make it a indian double at Bury FC. We, the indian football fans now know which club in the UK we should support, BURY FC.

Note-2: The city of Hyderabad and the state of Andhra Pradesh has given India a number of internationals in football. And this includes not only about half-a-dozen Olympian players but also international referees too. In the 1950s and 60s they dominated India's golden years in international soccer. Take the case of Noor Mohammed, who along with the late Aziz, is one of the two players not to have missed a single international match between 1954 and 1958. In this span, they played two Olympics and three Asian Games. Today Mohammed, over 70 years of age, is suffering from various ailments and not a soul knew about it even in his hometown of Hyderabad. If in the past month money has started pouring in for Mohammed who is even unable to recognise people, credit is due to Mahindra&Mahindra player Ashok Sahi. Reading in a magazine about the Mohammed's plight, Sahi enquired with his coach SS Hakkim, another Olympian of Hyderabad, if he wanted to send some money. Soon the other Mahindra players too chipped in, in a novel way. Rather than requesting the employers to contribute its might, the players themselves made the contribution. The money came from a kitty that bulged with fines collected over card punishments, late comings for practice and other misdoings. The amount was only Rs. 5,000 but when Hakkim handed over the money to Mohammed and got it highlighted in Hyderabad, more contributions poured in from the AP govt (Rs. 50,000), Hyderabad Police (Rs. 50,000) and AP sports journalists (Rs. 10,000). Great deed by a not so well known player!!!

24. August
Bangalore A Division: Govt Press 3-1 Telecom, CIL 2-1 AGORC
Delhi Senior Division - Super League: Moonlight 2-0 Collegians
Governor's Gold Cup - Quarterfinal - Goa: Dempo SC 0-1 Salcete FC, Vasco SC 3-2 MPT

Note-1: India have been put in group A of the Asian Women's Football Championship to be held in the Philippines. According to a message from the Asian Football Confederation, India are in group A of the 15-team competition, kicking off their campaign on the tournament's inaugural day taking on DPR Korea. Two days later, they meet Malaysia. On November 13, they run into Vietnam and their last cluster-phase game, against Taiwan, is fixed for November 15.

Note-2: Vijay Mallya of the United Breweries is all set to be a even bigger player in Indian soccer than he already is. After taking over the Big Two of Calcutta soccer, Mohun Bagan and East Bengal, the liquor baron, whose interests vary from cricket to horse-racing, has now set his sights on Bengal Mumbai FC and FC Kochin, the two professional clubs of the country. Last week he doled out a Rs 2.500.000 sponsorship to Mohammedan Sporting and also came to Mohun Bagan's rescue to organise the Asian Club Cup championship tie against Muktijoddha of Bangladesh on Saturday when the IFA, the parent body of Calcutta soccer, refused to do it. At this stage, it is difficult to gauge Mallya's intentions as he has often said that though he is spending crores on Mohun Bagan and East Bengal little are his gains. BMFC director Krishnendu Sen received a surprise call-up from Mallya a couple of days ago. "We had a long conversation and he has shown interest in entering into a liaison with us," said Sen. "He is coming to Mumbai on September 1 for a meeting with us." Sen is unsure on the kind of association BMFC will have with Mallya. "It all depends on his proposal," he said. "We would, of course, like sponsorship from his companies." BMFC's current tie-up is with Gulf Oil. "However, we have informed them that in the event of any major future tie-ups, Gulf Oil will have to withdraw. And they had agreed," said Sen. Mallya is believed to be unhappy with the manner in which the AIFA is running the game in the country and his demands include a share of the gate money, matches under floodlights, live telecast and an openness in inter-state transfers. And he hopes to achieve this by having a stranglehold on major clubs. I do not know if Mallya is going the right way but I believe that he is really willing to do something for Indian football. Raj Prohit has brought Baichung Bhutia to the UK and got him a contract, while Vijay Mallya wants to improve the domestic game in India. We need more people like the two!!!

23. August
Bangalore A Division: LRDE 1-0 WAP, United Bangalore 2-2 ITI (Jrs)
Calcutta Super Division: Mohammedan Sporting 3-2 BNR, Tollygunge Agragami 1-0 George Telegraph, Eastern Railway 3-0 Food Corporation of India, Calcutta Port Trust 1-1 Aryan Club
Delhi Senior Division - Super League: Hindustan Club 1-1 New Delhi Heroes
Governor's Gold Cup - Quarterfinal - Goa: Salgaocar 1-0 Sporting Club of Goa

22. August
Bangalore A Division: ITI 2-0 MEG, KSP (Srs) 0-0 KSP (Jrs)
Governor's Gold Cup - Pre-Quarterfinal - Goa: MPT 4-1 VLM
Mauritius Goodwill Tour: Firebrigade (Mauritius champion) 2-2 Indian Youth Team
Mumbai Super Division: Mahindra&Mahindra 2-0 Bengal Mumbai FC, Maharashtra State Police 0-0 Central Bank

21. August
Bangalore A Division: AGORC 3-2 Govt Press, HASC 0-0 LRDE
Delhi Senior Division - Super League: Youngmen 1-0 Delhi Police, Shahdara Club 2-0 City Club

Asian Club Cup: Mohun Bagan 2-1 Mukti Joddha (Bangladesh) - Goals: 1:0 Cheema Okerie (25'), 1:1 Bakhtiaruddin Khan (57'), 2:1 Dipendu Biswas (64').
Mohun Bagan today won their 1.leg Asian Club Cup Championship match against Mukti Joddha, Bangladesh - but only just. They kept their millions of supporters on tenterhooks about their entry to the next round. Bagan registered a 2-1 victory at Saltlake Stadium but if the Bangladesh team now record a 1-0 win at their home ground on September 11, then Mohun Bagan will make an exit from the competition. If both teams net an equal number of goals, an away strike will come to be deemed two and should Mukti Joddha win even by the narrowest possible margin, they will have won 3-2.

Note-1: The AIFF has altered the list of probables for next month's SAF Games at the insistence of Sukhwinder Singh. The national coach argued that in the absence of Baichung Bhutia, he did not want an experimental team for the Kathmandu Games. All stalwarts who helped India lift the SAFF Cup in Goa last April have been recalled, while Amit Das and Raman Vijayan have been added to the list.
Eight players have been dropped from the previous list - India Youth skipper Bijen Singh, Anit Ghosh, Lorendra Singh, Debjit Ghosh, James Singh, Sheikh Sanjib, Suresh Muttiah and AS Firoze. The SAF camp begins in Patiala September 5.
THE NEW LIST: GK: Virender Singh, Kalyan Choubey (both WIFA), Prasanta Dora (Bengal), Dinesh Nair (Kerala). Defenders: Prabhjot Singh, Deepak Mondal, Daljit Singh (all Punjab), Roberto Fernandes (Goa), KV Dhanesh, Mahesh Gawli (both Kerala), Falguni Dutta, Reazul Mustafa (Bengal), Muralidharan (Karnataka). Midfielders: Jules Alberto, S Venkatesh, Bruno Coutinho, Roque Baretto (all Goa), Noel Wilson (Kerala), Renedy Singh, Amit Das, Ranjan Dey (all Bengal), Vinod, RC Prakash (both Karnataka), Hardip Sangha (Punjab). Forwards: IM Vijayan, Jo Paul Ancheri (both Kerala), Surjit Singh (Punjab), Shabir Pasha (TN), Alvito D'Cunha (Goa), Dipendu Biswas, Raman Vijayan (Bengal), Mohammed Najib (WIFA).

20. August
Calcutta Super Division: Mohammedan Sporting 2-1 Food Corporation of India
Mumbai Super Division: RCF 1-0 Union Bank, Central Railway 2-0 Bank of India
Delhi Senior Division - Super League: Shastri Club 2-0 New Delhi Heroes, Collegians FC 0-0 Goans SC

19. August
Bangalore A Division: KSP (Srs) 1-0 ITI (Jrs), ADE 1-0 United Bangalore

Note-1: After creating quite a sensation with his possibility of featuring in the English League, star footballer Baichung Bhutia was back in the city. This morning, Bhutia spent some time with his former peers and colleagues at East Bengal Club - the side he had last represented before his English sojourn - and sought the blessings and advice of veteran footballer Ahmed Khan at the club tent. The ace striker has signed a three-year contract with the 2.Division English club, Bury. The signing of such a contract, in effect, rules out any possibility of Bhutia's representing a Calcutta side in the recent future. This puts to rest the controversy, at least for the time being, on whether he would continue to don the East Bengal colours or switch over to the green-and-maroon brigade. However, Bhutia is yet to get a work permit from the British Government to turn up for Bury Football Club. "I hope to get it within the next few days," Bhutia said today. "Since I have already signed the contract with Bury, I think they would be able to procure the permit by showing a copy of the agreement to the government," he said. Bhutia will leave for New Delhi on August 30 to receive the Arjuna Award.

Note-2: Following severe criticism, the National Football League Committee today decided to take the premier competition back to its original format - of a single league of 12 teams playing on a home-&-away basis. The committee met representatives of all the participating clubs at Ambedkar Stadium. PR Das Munshi, AIFF president, was there for a brief while. Though no formal announcement by the AIFF was made, along with abolishing the two-tier system of the last season and reverting to the original format, it was also decided that the National League would run from the first week of December to the second week of March. Das Munshi was said to have agreed to pay the clubs their dues by October 11, the day the Super Cup match would be played. But there was no word on sponsorship for the National League and the Federation Cup. Nor was the venue of the Super Cup match revealed. Speculation was centred upon Delhi but more important subjects - like professionalising the National League - remained in deep freeze. Even on the vital issue of clubs being paid their dues, a deadline of October 11 was learnt from the club representatives. The AIFF secretary, KN Mour, had nothing to say. East Bengal said the AIFF owed them Rs 30 lakh; Mohun Bagan put their own figure at Rs 20 lakh. These claims include shares of gate collections at Calcutta (25%), Goa (5%) and Kerala (5%). Whether the AIFF has proper accounts of the gate collections is also doubtful. The National League playing conditions will include the registration of a maximum of 27 players and seven officials by a club. The contingent for a match will, however, consist of 22 members - 18 players, three officials including the coach and the manager, and a doctor, who will have to present proof of his qualification. In the absence of a "qualified" doctor, a contingent will be limited to only 21 members. The rule on foreign players in a team will remain the same - five registered with three on the field at a time. The club representatives were united on the issue of the length of the national team's camps. It was generally agreed that such camps should be of a short duration. According to an official, the AIFF has suggested that the camps be of 10 days with the national coach finalising his shortlist of 22 players from the 30 generally called up, within the first three days. A club representative said that the point had been driven home strongly this time with the warning that the clubs wouldn't release players for more than 10 days. Some clubs also requested the League Committee to abolish the rule of taking permission from the respective state units to participate in the National League and the Federation Cup. The representatives contended that both are premier tournaments and as they are run by the AIFF, no go-ahead should be needed for the participating teams from their local governing bodies. Other points raised included longer term for the national coach and meeting for the National League club representatives once in three months. An informal meeting of the club representatives is scheduled for August 29 in Mumbai. A few months ago Das Munshi said at the same conference hall as today's meeting that the AIFF was on the verge of sealing a deal with an Irish coach for the national team, that a professional league would be introduced for which the road map was ready and that big money for Indian football through new sponsorships was on the anvil. He had even named the Irish coach, his age and quoted the salary he wanted.
The League line-up: East Bengal, Mohun Bagan, Tollygunge Agragami, FC Kochin, JCT Mills, BSF, Churchill Brothers, Dempo, Salgaocar, SBT, Mahindras, Indian Telephone Industries.

Note-3: The 2nd phase of the Calcutta Super Division, featuring the teams occupying the top five positions in the League standings at the end of the 10-team 1st phase of the championship, will kick off on Aug 25, according to the fixtures declared by the IFA. The first day's action will involve the top four teams in the current standings - leaders East Bengal will face-off against Tollygunge Agragami, while Mohun Bagan will meet George Telegraph. Mohammedan Sporting's participation in the 2nd phase of the tournament is still in doubt. They need to pull off a win in at least one of the two ties to qualify.

18. August
Bangalore A Division: Govt Press 3-0 KSP (Jrs), CIL 2-0 BEL
Mumbai Super Division: Air India 2-0 Maharashtra State Police, Central Bank 1-0 Fr Agnel

Note-1: Eight teams, including three from abroad, are likely to participate in this year's IFA Shield. According to the IFA sources, apart from the four leading Calcutta teams - East Bengal, Mohun Bagan, Mohammedan Sporting and Tollygunge Agragami - FC Kochin are also likely to be in the fray. Jagarani and Mukti Joddha from Bangladesh are also expected to be seen in action in the tournament which is tentatively slated for a 6 September start, while efforts are still on to rope in one more side from abroad. The IFA Tournament Committee is scheduled to meet on August 25. According to IFA sources, the committee will discuss on whether Mohammedan Sporting will be allowed to participate in the IFA Shield in the eventuality of the side failing to make the cut for the 'Super Five' phase of the on-going Super Division League.

17. August
Calcutta Super Division: Mohammedan Sporting 0-1 George Telegraph
Delhi Senior Division - Super League: Youngmen 1-1 City Club

16. August
Bangalore A Division: BEL 3-2 United Bangalore, LRDE 2-2 Telecom
Mumbai Super Division: Mahindra&Mahindra 6-0 Central Railway, Bank of India 1-0 Air India

Note-1: Baichung Bhutia has been honoured with the Sikkim State Award for his contribution to sports. Bhutia, who hails from Sikkim, was given a citation and a cash prize of Rs 100,000 by Chief Minister Pawan Chamling. The award, instituted by the Sikkim Government this year, is being given to personalities in recognition of their work.

Note-2: A 20-member India Youth team, led by Bijen Singh, will leave Calcutta tomorrow for Mauritius, via Mumbai. They will play five friendlies. Acting Bengal governor Shyamal Sen met the boys at the Governor's House in the morning. AIFF president Das Munshi also met the players and was learnt to have said they may be sent to the Banga Bandhu Cup, beginning in Dhaka on August 25, if the organisers accept a youth team and agree to schedule India's matches after August 29. I can't believe it but the AIFF is really trying to something for the youngsters, two international trips for exposure in less than a month. Have they at last woken up???

15. August


Today is a very important DAY for "The unofficial Indian Football Site" as from today the Site has it's own DOMAIN under , the new permanent Site. Also today, the "Indian Football Internet Fanclub" is being rechristened as "Indian Football Supporters Club". Today was chosen because today INDIA is celebrating it's 52nd Independence Day. The last few days have been the most important for Indian Football, with Baichung Bhutia signing a contract with english 2.Division club Bury FC and the AIFF taking some long-term decisions, over the last few years. I hope that Indian Football has a better future. JAY HIND!!!

Delhi Senior Division - Super League: Indian Air Force, Delhi 1-0 Shahdara Club

14. August
Bangalore A Division: United Bangalore 1-0 KSP (Jrs), BEL 3-0 ADE
Calcutta Super Division: Mohun Bagan 1-1 BNR
Delhi Senior Division - Super League: Indian National 2-1 Delhi Police, New Delhi Heroes 1-1 Collegians FC

Note-1: While Baichung Bhutia returned to Calcutta last night to leave the city this morning for Sikkim, the controversy over the way he had been provided with an international transfer certificate during his stay in London remained unresolved. The two vice-presidents of the AIFF, PP Lakshmanan and Asoke Ghosh, both of whom were AIFF secretaries for long spells of time, felt that the ITC had been sent to the FA in England without proper authorisation. Mr Ghosh said that though he was in Calcutta, no one had referred the matter to him in a departure from past practice. Mr Ghosh said that it all was the handiwork had been done by a few individuals completely ignorant of the international transfer rules. "This will put us in a difficult situation vis-a-vis FIFA and the Asian Football Confederation." Mr Lakshmanan, KN Mour's predecessor as AIFF secretary, said that the entire deal should be condemned. "If the president or the secretary are out of town, the matter automatically comes round to me or the treasurer or Asoke Ghosh. I wonder who actually works for the AIFF! The matter will come up for talks at the next working committee meeting and I hope they are able to sort it all out so that FIFA or the AFC doesn't feel called upon to take action against the AIFF.

13. August
Bangalore A Division: Govt Press 2-0 BEML, HASC 3-0 ITI (Jrs)
Calcutta Super Division: East Bengal 1-0 Mohammedan Sporting

Note-1: Bury Football Club team calls itself the Shakers. And the town, Bury, has a large South Asian population, mostly Punjabis from Pakistan, Mirpuris and Bangladeshis. And this is where Baichung Bhutia will be playing this season. Bury FC, recently relegated from 1st to 2nd Division, has offered Bhutia a three-year contract. Bury's chairman, Terry Robinson, told The Indian Express that Baichung had "impressed" them in practice matches. He said all that mattered was that "he can play football .. and he establishes himself." Bhutia has been training with the Shakers - the name stuck in 1885 when Bury gave the then top team, Blackburn Rovers, a shaking - for the last several weeks and played practice matches with them. Kevin Blackwell, assistant manager, who does the coaching and training said, "I like Baichung... and I am looking forward to him playing with us." The Shakers have their home ground on Gigg Lane in the small Lancashire town of Bury. Neighbouring Manchester, Bury was once a prosperous mill town at the heart of Lancashire's textile industry. On being asked whether Bhutia would have any problems settling down in the environs, Terry Robinson laughed and said, "Baichung is from Sikkim... which he said was cold and damp... I don't know if he meant it was like Lancashire." He added that Baichung had "fitted in with the lads... mixed in with them very easily" and was sharing 'digs' (rented accommodation) with them. Talking of money, a 2.Division club has less to spend on players, so there is no talk of megabucks. Robinson said the terms of the contract were confidential but that Bhutia would be "no worse off or better off than any of the other lads." One football writer said the weekly pay packet for a relatively unknown player signed up by a second division club could be between 500 pounds and 1500 pounds a week. Baichung has since returned to India to await clearance from the IFA and for awork permit from Britain. While the work permit should be a routine procedure, Robinson said the UK government has imposed new conditions, including restrictions on sourcing overseas players from the top 70 FIFA countries. He said the league did not accept this and that Bhutia met all the other objective criteria, like number of internationals played and so on. Robinson is hopeful all 'the paper work' will be sorted by mid-September, thus paving way for Bhutia to turn out for most of the matches in the season, which has just begun and in which Bury have had a good start, winning their first two games thus far.

Note-2: Mohun Bagan's bid to rope in Ghanaian central defender Osumanu Husseini from Churchill Brothers has officially failed. The AIFF has informed the IFA that the transfer will not be ratified because of an objection by the Goa FA.

Note-3: With IFA refusing to stage Mohun Bagan's Asian Club Cup tie against Mukti Joddha of Bangladesh, the big club will go it alone - with a little help from the UB Group. Club secretary Anjan Mitra said that tickets for the August 21 match, to be played at the Saltlake Stadium, will go on sale from tomorrow. "They'll be priced at Rs 5 each," he said. While the UB Group will dish out Rs 5 lakh, to cover for the home match and also to pay for the trip to Dhaka for the away match, on Sep 11, proceeds from the ticket sales will be mopped up by the company.

Note-4: Having roped in Mohun Bagan and East Bengal, the UB-Group may well bring Mohammedan Sporting under its umbrella. Vijay Mallya, the chairman of the group, confirmed that "the company has received a proposal" from the city club but was tight-lipped when it came to details. "I cannot tell you any more now, you'll have to wait till we make a final decision," he said, adding: "FC Kochin and Bengal-Mumbai FC have also sent similar proposals." Mohammedan Sporting officials were quick to point out why they are a much better proposition than the two clubs. "For a sponsor, we are a more attractive proposition because we have a big support base," said club secretary Mir Mohammad Omar. "Anywhere we play in India, we'll have fans flocking to watch." While both UB and the Calcutta club are keeping things close to the chest, it is reliably learnt that a deal has all but been reached. The company, it is learnt, will be the "title sponsor" of the club - as it was for KBL FC Kochin - and not enter into a joint-venture as it did in the case of Mohun Bagan and East Bengal. Meanwhile, Mohammedan Sporting are trying to rope in Sameer Abbas as their first overseas signing this year. "Negotiations are in progress," said Omar.

12. August
Bangalore A Division: KSP (Srs) 5-1 WAP. MEG 2-1 BEL
Calcutta Super Division: Mohun Bagan 4-2 Eastern Railway
Delhi Senior Division - Super League: Hindustan FC 3-1 Moonlight
Mumbai Super Division: Mahindra&Mahindra 0-0 Bank of India, Air India 2-2 Bengal Mumbai FC

11. August
Bangalore A Division: KSP (Jrs) 3-2 BEML(EM), LRDE 2-1 AGORC
Calcutta Super Division: East Bengal 1-0 Calcutta Port Trust, George Telegraph 0-0 Food Corporation of India, Mohammedan Sporting 1-0 Tollygunge Agragami
Delhi Senior Division - Super League: Indian Air Force, Delhi 2-0 City Club

Note-1: It could take upto four to six weeks before Baichung Bhutia may be able to play his first match for Bury in the second division English football. The 22-year-old Sikkim-born footballer, whose name figured in the list of Arjuna Award winners announced on Wednesday, is still awaiting his work permit. In that period, even though Bhutia will train with the team, he could well miss about six matches. According to local papers in the Manchester area, where the club is housed, Warnock was quoted saying, "Baichung would be a superb signing for us," said Warnock. "He's very sharp and comes to life in the 18-yard box. Hewants an English club to put himself on the stage, so we are hoping a deal could be good for both parties." According to Warnock, Bhutia could be a player worth looking out for in about four to six months by which time he would have got used to the conditions and also combine well with the rest of the team. The Indian player, who had scored a hattrick in a friendly match which also acted as a trial match, is being represented by an Indian non-resident, Raj Prohit. He was quoted saying, "Hopefully, this (the contract) will help promote Indian football interests overseas. It is a situation we intend to build upon with other developments in the pipeline."

Note-2: At least 11 foreign teams will take part in a soccer tournament beginning in Dhaka on August 27, the Bangladesh Football Federation announced. The final is on September 7. Teams from Brazil, Ghana, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Japan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Nepal, South Korea, Thailand, Uzbekistan and host Bangladesh will play in the 2nd Bangabandhu Cup.
NEW DELHI: The AIFF is yet to decide whether to send the team for the Dhaka tourney. The Mohun Bagan club management, meanwhile, has requested the federation to clear their team in case the federation decides against sending the national team. The federation is reportedly giving a thought to the Mohun Bagan proposal. The tournament will last 12 days with the final held on September 7.

10. August
Bangalore A Division: ITI (Srs) 2-0 Govt Press, Telecom 1-0 ADE
Mumbai Super Division: RCF 1-0 Maharastra State Police, Union Bank 1-0 Central Bank

Note-1: Striker Baichung Bhutia, who became the first Indian to sign for an European football club, has been selected for Arjuna Award for 1998. Bhutia, who hails from Sikkim, is to get the award, conferred by the government for excellence in sports, from president K Narayanan at a special function at the Rashtrapati Bhavan on September 1, AIFF secretary KN Mour said.

Note-2: 12 teams, including last year's champions Indian Air Force, Delhi and runners-up Hindustan made the super league stage at the conclusion of the DSA Senior Division League.
Groupings - Group I: IAF, Youngmen, Indian Nationals, Delhi Police, Shahdara, City. Group II: Hindustan, Shastri, Collegians, New Delhi Heroes, Goans, Moonlight.
In the Senior Division games, from group 1, IAF took the top spot with 23 pts while Shstri with the same number of pts finished second on goal difference. In group 2, Hindustan with 24 pts led the table. The super league games get underway from tomorrow under floodlights, thanks to a private sponsorship. GNG Enterprise, Noida, have pumped in enormously to make the experiment a great success. Two teams from each group will make the semifinal grade. The final is slated for the second week of September.

Note-3: The Subroto Mukherjee Cup for school teams begins on September 1 for in the junior (15-17 years) and sub-junior (11-14 years) categories. The 32 teams in the junior section have divided into eight groups of four teams each.

Note-4: The confusion over dates of Mohun Bagan's Asian Club Cup 1.Round tie, against Bangladesh's Mukti Joddha, looks to have been sorted out with the glamour club playing their home match on August 21 as scheduled. Mohun Bagan's away tie will be in Dhaka on Sep11, a week later than it was originally slotted, the club's secretary Anjan Mitra said today. The Asian Football Confederation, through the AIFF, has already informed Mohun Bagan about the change, he added. The Mohun Bagan general secretary met AIFF president Das Munshi this afternoon and was reportedly told that there will be no further change in dates. Playing the away tie on Sep11 could jeopardise Mohun Bagan's participation in the IFA Shield if the tournament is brought forward to avoid it clashing with the SAF Games. Stating that it may not be possible to arrange for security with general elections round the corner, Mohun Bagan informed the AIFF this morning about their inability to host the home tie next month as was reportedly suggested by the Bangladesh FF. Mitra also said the AIFF has okayed Mohun Bagan's participation in the Bangabandhu Cup, in Dhaka between August 25 and September 7, a tournament comprising mainly national teams. The BFF, however, is yet to respond.

9. August
Bangalore A Division: United Bangalore 4-0 WAP, ITI (Jrs) 0-0 BEL
Calcutta Super Division: Mohun Bagan 5-0 Aryan Club

Note-1: The following are some of the reactions from India regarding Baichung's contract with Bury:
PK Banerjee: One of the most exciting things to happen. A major step forward. More should follow Baichung. Playing in England will also help improve his game by at least 20 to 30 per cent. To survive there, he will have to be a lot sharper and that will benefit India when he turns out for the national team. The psychological disadvantage Indian footballers face when they play foreign opponents won't apply.
IM Vijayan: He deserves it, having worked so hard for it. Let's see what effect this has on the younger generation of players. I am too old to be this adventurous. It would be great if Baichung is released for the SAF Games but even if he isn't, we should realise that it is more important for him to consolidate his position in England.
Chuni Goswami: Great news for Indian football and would serve as a huge encouragement for the youngsters. I had, however, expected him to turn out for a first division club in England. But if he proves himself at Bury, we may see him play the Premier League next year.
Sailen Manna: An Indian playing in the English professional league is big news. But his personal achievement would have no impact on Indian football as a whole since the diminutive striker would only make a mark in England. But his small frame might prove to be a handicap in the gruelling English set-up as players there are physically stronger than the Indians. Let us give him some time to get used to the conditions there. If he succeeds, we can hope to see more Indians playing in European clubs.
Tulsidas Balaram: It is a good advertisement for Indian football overseas. In fact, he has opened new visas for talented Indian players.
Krishanu Dey: I guess the fact that he left home early helped him take the big leap. Home-sickness was never a problem. Yes, the opportunity did come his way, but let's accept it, he has worked very hard to exploit it to the hilt.
Sukhwinder Singh: I have been his coach, both for club and country and the lad's tenacity always had me impressed. Talent, he always had, but tenacity is just as important to achieve what Baichung has. It is not in my hands to get him for the SAF Games but I would certainly wish he be there.
Amal Dutta: A second division club is a blessing in disguise, at least for the first year. It will help Baichung prepare for tougher battles.
I would like to say that I feel great about Baichung's achievement! The best thing in the whole matter is that he has signed a three year contract and not just for a season. This gives him time to settle down at Bury. Just to inform you, Bury lies in the greater Manchester area, so Baichung should be able to see a Manchester United match and hope to play along players like Beckham and Yorke in the future. I hope that Baichung succeeds and that european scouts will come to India to sign further indian players.

Note-2: The long-promised floodlights had finally been installed at Ambedkar Stadium in Delhi, although on a temporary basis, as Delhi is all set to stage its first Super League match under the lights on Wednesday. In what promises to be a historic day for Delhi football, defending champions Indian Air Force, Delhi will lock horns with City FC in the opening match of the Super League which will also kick off a month-long experiment with the lights, initiated by the Delhi SA. Floodlights have been a long-standing demand, as both players and fans are compelled to brave a harsh Delhi summer. A total of 33 Super League matches will be played over the next one month. Besides a match a day, two will be held during the weekend. DSA will closely study the impact on local football and decide whether it should opt for permanent lighting facilities. Sponsored by MG Enterprises, the experiment will cost DSA around Rs 3 lakh, including electricity charges. The engineers have put up four-lamp 30 towers around the arena. To try out the facilities, DSA organised two practice games today with two more to come off tomorrow evening and improvements, if needed, will be carried out before the final kick off on Wednesday. After the practice matches today, several players complained of "bad light" while others were happy with the "beginning".

Note-3: Total confusion. That's the name of the game, as far as Mohun Bagan's ensuing Asian Club Cup championship tie versus Bangladesh's Mukti Joddha is concerned. Twelve days before the city club is due to host the Dhaka side, the Mohun Bagan coach, players and officials still don't know whether the August 21 tie will actually come off at home. As per the fixtures released by the Asian Football Confederation, the Calcutta match was to be followed by the away match September 4. But as the Dhaka leg date is clashing with the high-profile Bangabandhu Cup (August 25 to September 7) there, the Bangladesh FF is keen on an alteration. It's learnt that Bangladesh officials have suggested Mohun Bagan play Mukti Joddha in Dhaka first and then host them in September. The Bangladeshi officials have conveyed their wish to AIFF secretary KN Mour and requested him to convince AFC officials of the necessity of a change. The problem is, IFA has also written to the AIFF asking them not to change Club Cup dates so that the IFA Shield, scheduled for September, is not affected. "I rang up AFC and forwarded the IFA and Bangladeshi requests so that a compromise formula can be found," the AIFF secretary said over the telephone from Guwahati. "Mr Indran, the man in charge of these matters, has gone to Brunei. Once he's back, he should be able to resolve the matter." Interestingly, AIFF president Das Munshi wants Mohun Bagan and East Bengal to play in the Bangabandhu Cup. But he has no idea about all these behind-the-scenes development on the Asian Club Cup match. "I met Mr Das Munshi yesterday and he asked me to host the match as per the original schedule," Mohun Bagan secretary Anjan Mitra said. The IFA has sent a letter to Mohun Bagan authorising it to go ahead with preparations for hosting the Cup Winners' Cup match in the city. Either joint secretary Ranjit Gupta, who signed the letter dated August 7, didn't read the typed matter or he has mixed up the Cup Winners' Cup with the Club Cup championship.

Note-4: Tollygunge Agragami skipper Biswarup Bisu was today injured in a road accident near Park Circus in Calcutta. Bisu was on his way to the SAI complex in Saltlake City on his motorbike to join his team-mates for a practice session there when a bus knocked him down from behind. Bisu was taken to the nearby National Medical College. The wounds required eight stitches under the left knee. However, precautionary X-rays revealed no fractures. He will be out of action for at least a couple of weeks. Tollygunge Agragami officials appealed to the IFA for a postponement of their Super League match against Mohammedan Sporting scheduled for Wednesday. The IFA, however, turned down their request. Incidentally, Wednesday's match would be Tollygunge's eighth, while Mohammedan Sporting Club have played only five.

8. August
Bangalore A Division: HASC (Srs) 1-1 CIL
Mumbai Super Division: Mahindra&Mahindra 0-0 Air India, Bengal Mumbai FC 5-0 Central Railway

Note-1: Great news for INDIAN FOOTBALL and it's FANS :
Baichung Bhutia is set to become the first-ever Indian to play as a professional footballer in England. He has signed a three-year contract with Bury Football Club, at present in the english 2.Division. This was disclosed by the Indian whizkid's NRI agent Raj Prohit. The deal rules out Baichung's playing for a club in India - as was being speculated here - at least for the time being. The financial details weren't divulged. Speaking over phone from Worcestershire, Baichung told The Telegraph he is looking forward to 'what promises to be the most challenging period of my career. "I am very happy and hope to settle down with the club as soon as possible," the star striker added. Bury manager Neil Warnock is confident he will do just that. "He (Baichung) is a brave, intelligent player who has a natural eye for the goal. Give him three to six months and then watch him really go," was how Warnock described his latest recruit. Within a few days of arriving for trials at this over-a-century-old club, Baichung showcased his abilities with a hattrick in a friendly. That went a long way in clinching the deal. Popularly called The Shakers, Bury - situated in Gigg Lane, Greater Manchester - have already begun their campaign in the 24-team 2.Division. In their only match so far, they beat Gillingham 2-1 yesterday. Bury, who play in blue and white shirts, will meet Wrexham Saturday and Brentford August 21. Eager for a toe-hold in Europe, Baichung tried different European clubs since he left India late May. Having fine-tuned his game in Sweden, he went on trials with several clubs in England. Explaining that Bury's was the best offer, Baichung's agent, for whom this was a "fulfilment of a challenge", said West Bromwich Albion, Huddersfield, Ipswich, Sheffield Wednesday and a top Bulgarian club too were interested.As Jas is away since the weekend, I can only get hold of him in two weeks time. Jas has taken holiday after finishing his work regarding Baichung. Great JOB Jas Bains and Raj Prohit and the rest of the Sapphire team!!!

Note-2: Bijen Singh will lead the 20-member Indian youth (U19) soccer squad on a goodwill tour to Mauritius, coach Goutam Sarkar said. Prasun Banerjee is the technical director. The squad, which will play friendlies at Port Louis, leaves for the two-week tour on Tuesday. The Indians trounced an U19 SAI team 5-0 in a practice match yesterday. Crispin Chetri struck a brace while the other goals came from Jiten Rai, Kamal Ghosh and Syed Rahim Nabi. They had earlier beaten Tollygunge Agragami 3-0.
The Squad: Sangram Mukherjee, Akshay Das, Amjad Ali Khan, Dipankar Chatterjee, Kamal Ghosh, Syed Rahim Nabi, Ramesh Rawat, Tushar Das, Bijen Singh (all Bengal), Janak Basumatari, Jiten Rai, Kushal Raj Kanwar, Crispin Chetri (all Assam), Dinesh Nair, Mahesh Gawli, Suresh Muttiah, AS Firoze (all Kerala), Sanjay Parte, Covan Lawrence (both Goa), Saroj Patnaik (Orissa). Stand-byes: Bhimkanta Sonwal (Assam), Saikat Biswas (Bengal), Rajesh Pandey (Maharashtra). Chef-de-Mission: P Atuo Mezhur. Manager: Md Shamsuddin. Doctor: Sajal Acharya.

7. August
Bangalore A Division: United Bangalore 1-1 AGORC, KSP (Srs) 4-1 LRDE
Calcutta Super Division: East Bengal 1-0 Tollygunge Agragami
Delhi Senior Division Group A: Youngmen 2-0 City Club, Indian Nationals 2-2 New Delhi Heroes, Garhwal Heroes 2-0 Delhi Cantonment

Note-1: The AIFF announced the list of 31 probables for the forthcoming SAF Games, to be held in Kathmandu from September 25 to October 4. The probables have been asked to attend a coaching-cum-selection camp, to be held at the SAI Southern Centre in Bangalore from September 5, an AIFF press release informed. Sukhwinder Singh would be the chief coach and he would be assisted by AM Sreedharan and Bhramanand Shankwalkar (goalkeeping coach).
Probables: Prasanta Dora, Basudeb Mondal, Ranjan Dey, Debjit Ghosh, Falguni Dutta, Lolendra Singh, Anit Ghosh, Renedy Singh, James Singh, Bijen Singh, Dipendu Biswas, Sheikh Sanjib (all Bengal), KV Dhanesh, IM Vijayan, Dinesh Nair, Mahesh Gawli, Suresh Muttiah, AS Firoze, Noel Wilson (all Kerala), Bruno Coutinho, Roberto Fernandes, S Venkatesh, Roque Barreto, Alvito D'Cunha (all Goa), Prabhjot Singh, Deepak Mondal, Hardeep Sangha, Surjit Singh (all Punjab), Virender Singh, Mohammed Najeeb, Kalyan Choubey (all Maharashtra).

Note-2: National coach Sukhwinder Singh may not be released by JCT for the SAF Games and the Asian Cup. He will have to take permission from JCT supremo Samir Thapar before he starts working with the national team. The JCT management, it was learnt, wants Sukhwinder to concentrate on coaching the club. The SAF Games will be held in Kathmandu while the Asian Cup is in Abu Dhabi from November 20. Sukhwinder was not allowed to train the national side in 1995 and the job had then gone to Shabbir Ali. According to AIFF sources, Shabbir may again get the nod if Sukhwinder is not available. Sukhwinder says JCT will not be playing any meet in September.

6. August
Bangalore A Division: ADE 2-2 HASC (Srs), BEL 3-1 WAP
Calcutta Super Division: George Telegraph 1-0 BNR, Eastern Railway 0-0 Aryan Club
Mumbai Super Division: Union Bank 2-1 Maharashtra State Police, Fr Agnel 0-0 RCF

Note-1: I got a mail from fanclub member John Dunning regarding with which club Baichung is currently. The Daily Mail in England reports that Baichung is currently on trial with 1.Division West Bromwich Albion (another Birmingham club like Aston Villa only of less stature), they have a new manager in Brian Little and he could be interested in any foreign prospects. Will contact Jas in that matter.

Note-2: 39 Women footballers have been invited to attend national coaching camp at Kudra (Bihar) from August 14 to 30. The best 20 players in the first camp would then be selected to attend another camp at Patiala next month, the Women's Football Federation of India said in a release.
The following are the names of players for the Kudra camp:
Goalkeepers: Renubala Devi (Manipur), Kanchan Pandev (Bihar), Raziya (Nagaland), S. Mohanti (Orissa), Kiran (Maharashtra).
Backs: Poonam Singh (Or), Kiran (Bi.), Prabhawati Devi, Vijay Devi, Shandhva Rani (all from Manipur), Hemlata Thakur (Mah), Salu Gupta (J&K), Mohnar Begum (Ori.), P Bindu (Ker.), Babita Rathi (Haryana), Yasmin (UP).
Midfielders: Wazda, Priyanka, Maushmi (all from Bihar), Amita Devi, Vijyanti Devi (both Manipur), Gurudeep (Punjab), Rajni Sharma (J&K), M Rajani (Kerala), Pinki Gupta (UP).
Forwards: Shakti Devi, Nalvarmai, Memmi (all from Nagaland), Shashi, Rajni, Phutal, Menka (all from Bihar), Ammu Devi (Man), Neelakshi (Mah), Paramjeet Kaur (Pun), Kalpana Singh (Raj), Reshma (Ori), Pallavi, Lennien (both from Mumbai).
Former Olympian SS Hakkim of Mumbai will be the director, D. Brij Baloria of J&K will be the chief coach. Jeewan Singh of Manipur and Anita Sarkar of West Bengal are the two assistant coaches.
Missing in the probables list are players from West Bengal, to be precise, no one is in it and also our very own PIO player Permi Jhooti from London. Will try to find out more.

Note-3: Members of the Indian Football Association's governing body, at its meeting today, strongly criticised the Mohun Bagan general secretary, Anjan Mitra, and his associates who had organised a somewhat unconventional protest raid on the IFA offices, humiliating its joint secretary, Ranjit Gupta. The club were reportedly unhappy that the IFA was reluctant to pick up the tab for Mohun Bagan's forthcoming Asian Club Cup Championship match with Mukti Joddha, Bangladesh. Some members pointed it out that the recent incident wasn't the first of its kind where Mohun Bagan, or their present secretary, were concerned. The panel today decided on adhering to its earlier decision that the IFA would not bail Mohun Bagan out. It also empowered the parent body's joint secretaries to put the subject before the relevant sub-committee. The matter will now be discussed by the IFA disciplinary committee whose chairman is Shivaji Banerjee.

5. August
Bangalore A Division: CIL 2-0 KSP (Jrs), Telecom 1-0 BEML(EM)
Delhi Senior Division Group A: Moonlight 1-0 Tarun Sangha, Indian Air Force, Delhi walkover South India

Note-1: The AIFF held a meeting in Calcutta today to decide a number of undecided stuff:
- The AIFF has decided to ignore its agent, Leisure Sports Management, and itself take up the issue of attracting and negotiating with the sponsors for all the National football events coming under its purview. The decision was taken at the AIFF executive committee meeting and conveyed to the press by the secretary, KN Mour. The secretary said that AIFF is 'unhappy with the marketing agency's functioning ' which has lead to sponsors abandoning big tournaments like the Federation Cup and National League. The AIFF, he said, will directly talk with the sponsors while a retired Supreme Court judge conducts an arbitration between the AIFF and the agent.
- The JCT Mills coach, Sukhwinder Singh, has been recalled to coach the Indian team for the forthcoming SAF Games in Kathmandu and the Asian Cup in Abu Dhabi (slated for November). The Assistant coach for the two events would be A Shreedharan while Brahmanand Shankwalkar will be the goalkeeping coach. The project director for the two events would be one of the vice-presidents, PP Lakshmanan. The coaching camp for the SAF meet will begin on September 6 at SAI, Bangalore and will include all the 20 players of the pre-Olympic final camp apart from 10 others who will be selected shortly, the secretary informed.
- The protest against State Bank of Travancore, the II Division National League champion, by Vasco Club, Goa was 'disallowed' by the committee and the bank team now has a formal ticket to the main leg of the National League. Vasco had protested that SBT played two players who were not registered with it in the tournament at Haldia earlier this year, which the committee found incorrect, said Mour.
- The AIFF has also decided to request Bangladesh to allow India to field a youth team for the Bangabandhu Cup.
- The AIFF has also decided to have Kerala as the venue for the next Santosh Trophy next April.
- The AIFF also gave Bengal Mumbai FC a clear signal to almost all the 17 players the club had sought from transfers.
- The federation also decided to invite Rustom Akhramov as the director of coaching for the youth development programme and is likely to bring in French coach Franz Barriquand to train the National team.
- The AIFF has decided to relegate the Super Cup match between the Federation Cup champion Mohun Bagan and the National League champion Salgaocar SC beyond the federation's elections slated later this year.
- The AIFF has also decided to convene a meeting of the National League playing clubs at New Delhi on August 19, where the demands of the clubs will be discussed. It also decided to hold a special general meeting to amend the AIFF constitution alongside the Annual General Meeting at Goa in December.

Note-2: If it had taken the Asian Football Confederation to alert the AIFF to a 1 July, 1999 Statesman report to the fact that the sole international meet it hosted was in danger of being permanently cold-storaged, today the AIFF made bold to announce a November-in-Delhi programme - and promptly put a foot wrong. It coincides, going by what KN Mour, secretary, said at a Press conference, with the Asian Cup in Abu Dhabi. Here was a pointer to an organisation which cares neither for sponsors - who will give the cash for the Nehru Cup - nor for football, because Asian Cup preparations call for much more seriousness. Mr Mour wasn't sure good foreign teams could be had at so short a notice. He said the president, Das Munshi, himself was trying for sponsorship and quality participation - making one wonder what the secretary's work was! He restricted himself to conceding that the order was a tall one.

4. August
Calcutta Super Division: Tollygunge Agragami 1-1 Calcutta Port Trust, Mohammedan Sporting 0-2 Mohun Bagan
Delhi Senior Division Group A: Indian Air Force, Delhi 1-0 Indian Nationals, Shastri FC 0-0 New Delhi Heroes, Goan Sports Club 4-0 Victory, Garhwal Heroes 1-0 South India
Mumbai Super Division: Bank of India 1-0 Bengal Mumbai FC, Central Railway 0-0 Air India

Note-1: The AIFF's senior officials will meet in Calcutta tomorrow to discuss no fewer than 15 subjects, some pertaining to finance. They will also hold deliberations on the domestic calendar and selection of Indian coaches for the SA Games and the Asian Cup. Though the AIFF has times without number announced that it is looking forward to the 21st century, it is hamstrung by a lack of organisational efficiency. Besides, cricket's burgeoning popularity has hit it hard. Just how badly the organisation has been running is underscored by the fact that virtually half the players to tour Mauritius haven't yet reported at the camp. The team are to leave India next week. It is expected that AIFF officials will now adopt a serious approach. The AIFF once said it would start a fully-fledged professional National League once the championship had completed three years of existence.

Note-2: The AIFF has added 12 players to the list of probables for the tour of Mauritius.
The Inclusions: Arunava Sarkar (Tollygunge Agragami), Kamal Ghosh (BNR), Dinesh Dhoundial (East Bengal), Arindam Hazra (George Telegraph), Rajat Ghosh Dastidar (Tollygunge Agragami), Debabrata Das (BNR), Moinul Haque (BNR), Arjan Ali (Mohammedan Sporting), Joy Kabui (Mohammedan Sporting), Subhashish Bhattacharya (Port Trust), Sandip Nandy (Mohun Bagan), Alokendu Mirde (Aryan).

Note-3: The Calcutta Mayor's XI, now on a tour of Norway, won their first two matches 3-0 and the third 4-0. They first beat a team called Elverum Football and then tamed Hasundeot IL.

3. August
Calcutta Super Division: East Bengal 2-0 Aryan Club

2. August
Bangalore A Division: MEG 1-0 LRDE, ADE 0-0 BEML (EM)
Calcutta Super Division: Mohun Bagan 2-0 Calcutta Port Trust, Eastern Railway 0-1 George Telegraph
Mumbai Super Division: Mahindra&Mahindra 0-0 Rashtriya Chemicals & Fertilisers, Maharashtra State Police 1-1 Bank of India

Note-1: Calcutta Mayor's XI entered into the final of the Dana Cup in Denmark. In the semifinal the Calcutta side defeated Angolia Club of England by 3-0.

Note-2: The 1999-2000 football season in Goa will kick off with the Governor's Cup on August 21. Matches will be played at the Duler Grounds in Mapusa and Nehru Stadium at Fatorda.

1. August
Bangalore A Division: CIL 4-0 WAP, ITI (Jrs) 0-0 KSP (Jrs)
Delhi Senior Division Group A: Moghuls 1-0 Shimla Youngs, Goan SC 1-0 Youngsters FC

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