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31. August
DSA (Delhi) SAIL Senior Division - final: Indian Air Force, Delhi 5-3 Hindustan Club [tiebreaker] - IAF are Delhi league champions 1998
Federation Cup 1998 - quarterfinal - Mumbai: Mohun Bagan, Calcutta 1-0 State Bank of Travancore, Tiruvananthapuram

30. August
Federation Cup 1998 - quarterfinal - Calcutta: Mohammedan Sporting, Calcutta 4-3 Punjab State Electricity Board (tie-breaker)

Note-1: The Kerala Football Association has decided to introduce a league championship from this year as part of their action plan to improve the standard of the game in the state. The teams, venues and the dates for the league will be decided by a sub-committee to be formed, KFA secretary Bhodhanandhan said. The top four teams in the last state championship - FC Kochin, State Bank of Travancore, Titanium and Kerala Police - will get direct entry into the league, while the rest will be decided by the sub-committee shortly, he said.

29. August
DSA (Delhi) SAIL Senior Division- semifinal: Indian Air Force, Delhi 4-2 Indian Nationals (tie-breaker)

Note-1: An interesting article appeared in TheHindu today called "It has failed to achieve its objective" about the Federation Cup, it's aims and what it has in real:
The KBL Federation Cup, in the last two years, has drawn attention to the shortcomings of the AIFF. Instituted as a tournament for champion clubs, with the added incentive to the winners of contesting the Asian Cup winners cup, besides the handsome trophy, by the late A. T. Vijayarangam in his very first year as the AIFF secretary, it was to give a leg up to all facets of the game in the country.
But, as with most good ideas and projects that somehow do not work out in our football, the Federation Cup has failed to achieve its propagated aims and objectives. In the two decades that it has been held it is doubtful if the AIFF has been able to gain the finance to implement schemes for the benefit of the game, the players and the administration.
Unbargained for problems, like rains the first two years at Kochi and Coimbatore, respectively, heat, humidity and scheduling of matches the third year at Calcutta, and the absence of Mohun Bagan, East Bengal and Md. Sporting in the fourth at Guwahati hit the tournament & the AIFF hard. By & by the tournament yielded less and less profit, though it still produced the best fare of any event in the country, apart from the Jawaharlal Nehru International Gold Cup with its international flavour.
Instead of getting down to find out ways to make the tournament more productive in the context of our football, the AIFF has queered up the pitch further by changing its format. It is true that the tournament did not provide entry for the champion teams of all the AIFF affiliates, for that would have not only brought in too many weak teams, but also would have meant only one team from Bengal, Goa, Maharashtra, Punjab and Kerala. The outlay on a tournament of longer duration necessitated by the entry of champion clubs of all the AIFF members, coupled with the loss at the gates through the absence of a second team from the aforementioned states would have put the organisers in the red.
The Federation Cup, as it was staged till the last two editions, whetted the appetites of the fans not only in the city where it was held but also in the rest of the country. Its holding at one venue also ensured keener interest and much wider media coverage, an essential ingredient for its success.
The stretching of the Federation Cup over so many venues in different parts of the country and over three and four months has made it expensive and logistically difficult. What should have been learnt from last year apparently has not been, if the format this year is taken into account. Last year, ultimate winner Salgaocar criss-crossed the length and breadth of the country. After scoring over Mohun Bagan in the semifinal at Guwahati, the Goa team came down and spent a week in Calcutta to acclimatise to the conditions, especially to rain-affected grounds, before triumphing over the more fancied East Bengal at the packed Saltlake Stadium. Other teams also had similar problems of travelling from match to match. This imposed difficulty meant additional expense. Worse, the stretching of the tournament over three months had another negative impact. The majority of the fans lost focus.
This year, the AIFF has accepted a greater number of entries to perhaps justify the nomenclature of the tournament. To avoid burdening heavily any association, it also has drawn the teams zonewise, eight per zone. The finalists of the eight-team knock- outs, i.e. ten teams, go to the pre-quarterfinals - four of the qualifiers will play off for two places - against the eight teams given byes. (Here, it must be noted that FC Kochin and Air India, which finished fourth and fifth, respectively, in the last National League, were drawn into the qualifying tournaments, while Indian Telephone Industries, the winner of the inaugural edition in 1977, and Md. Sporting, who failed to qualify for the first division of the National League, were given byes). Basically, this is a good format. But playing the zonal qualifiers in different weeks has prevented all of them being completed at the same time, and caused some teams to wait longer to play their next round. Hence the stretching of the tournament to an inordinately long period. Besides, the breaks do not help the tempo to be maintained.
The present conduct of the tournament affects organisation. The AIFF will have to concede that it does not have an adequate number of men technically qualified and with statesmanship to deal with unforeseen and unexpected issues. For instance, in the West Zone qualifiers at Nagpur in the first week of August, Immaculate Group, Ahmedabad, played three unregistered foreigners and scored a shock 1-0 win over Central Railway, Mumbai, in the first round. Central Railway protested against the eligibility of the three Sudanese. But the Mumbai team took time to collect and collate the facts and evidence, and the limit of two hours after the match had lapsed before it complained. Apparently the AIFF representative at the qualifying tournament threw out the protest on the time factor. Thus reprieved, Immaculate Group played, but lost the semifinal to Vasco, Goa. But it was not allowed to field the three Sudanese. The AIFF found that Immaculate Group had not paid the fees of Rs. 25,000 per foreign player, and as such the three Sudanese had to sit out the match. Intriguingly the Immaculate Group official expressed his surprise at Central Railway's protest, as no team had objected to the Sudanese in a tournament in Ahmedabad, and that included teams from Goa. That "accommodating" lapse begs the question as to whether the Ahmedabad District Football Association, the Gujarat FA and the AIFF are aware of their responsibilities to ensure observance of their own rules and regulations on eligibility. A club, with comparatively meagre resources, has investigated and exposed those who control our football. Even if the rulers cannot make bold to take stringent disciplinary action against the errant club and players, at least the AIFF should thank Central Railway for the tidy registration fees it could harvest from this Federation Cup episode.

28. August
DSA (Delhi) SAIL Senior Division - semifinal: Hindustan Club 3-1 City Club (tie-breaker)
Federation Cup 1998 - pre-quarterfinal - Calcutta: Mohammedan Sporting, Calcutta 1-0 JCT Mills, Phagwara (golden Goal)
Federation Cup 1998 - quarterfinal - Bangalore: Vasco SC, Goa 0-5 East Bengal, Calcutta

27. August
DSA (Delhi) SAIL Senior Division Group A: Youngmen Club 2-0 Simla Youngs - the last league match, which was of no importance in the outcome of the league. The semifinal fixtures are: City Club - Hindustan Club, Indian Air Force - Indian Nationals
WIFA(Mumbai) Super Division League: Air India 1-0 Mahindra&Mahindra
Federation Cup 1998 - pre-quarterfinal - Calcutta: Mohun Bagan, Calcutta 2-0 FC Kochin
Federation Cup 1998 - pre-quarterfinal - Bangalore: Indian Telephone Industries, Bangalore 0-1 Punjab State Electricity Board
Federation Cup 1998 - quarterfinal - Delhi: Churchill Brothers, Goa 2-1 Border Security Force, Jalandhar

Note-1: KN Mour, the AIFF secretary, is hopeful of India's participation in the forthcoming Asiad. He said that since India would host the Afro-Asian Games next year where football is one of the disciplines, the government might approve India's joining in the Asiad as an exposure and that would be clear in the first week of September. AIFF executive committee is meeting in Delhi on Sep.2 and this point would be discussed there, he held. He further said that since the National Games scheduled to be held in Manipur from Oct.4-14 and the SAAF football in Goa from Oct.14-24 are put-off for the time being full attention would be given on Asian Games preparation if India's participation is cleared. Meanwhile, the AIFF secretary is very much pleased with the junior India's performance in the Asian Youth (U19) football qualifying tournament in Bangalore and he declared a prize of Rs.5,000 for each player He said that AIFF had a plan to send the team under coach Habib to Germany for exposure. But that could not be done since there was no time. There will be a further screening camp in the first week of September to pick 4/5 boys to replenish the side before starting the final camp from the middle of that month in Bangalore. That camp will go till before the start of the Asian Youth football tournament from Oct.17-31 in Thailand. The first four teams of this tournament will figure in the World Youth Cup.

25. August
Asian U-19 Qualifying - Bangalore: India 7-1 Bhutan - indian striker Nitin Pradhan scores a hattrick - India qualify for the final stage of the 31st Asian Youth football championships, to be held in Thailand, with four wins from as many matches
Asian U-19 Qualifying - Bangalore: Kyrgyzstan 2-1 Pakistan
Federation Cup 1998 - pre-quarterfinal - Delhi: Border Security Force, Jalandhar 1-0 Tollygunge Agragami, Calcutta

24. August
Calcutta Super Division: Mohun Bagan 5-1 Eastern Railway, Food Corporation of India 3-1 Peerless SC
DSA (Delhi) SAIL Senior Division- semifinal: Indian Air Force(Delhi) 1-0 New Delhi Heroes
Federation Cup 1998 - pre-quarterfinal - Delhi: Churchill Brothers, Goa 7-0 Langsning FC, Shillong
Federation Cup 1998 - pre-quarterfinal - Mumbai: Salgaocar SC, Goa 0-1 State Bank of Travancore, Tiruvananthapuram

23. August
DSA (Delhi) SAIL Senior Division - semifinal: Hindustan Club 2-1 Shastri Club, Mughals Club 1-1 Shahdara Club
Asian U-19 Qualifying - Bangalore: India 2-0 Pakistan, Maldives 2-2 Bhutan
Federation Cup 1998 - playoff - Mumbai: Air India 1-2 Punjab State Electricity Board
Federation Cup 1998 - pre-quarterfinal - Goa: Dempo SC, Goa 0-2 Vasco SC, Goa
Federation Cup 1998 - pre-quarterfinal - Cuttack: East Bengal, Calcutta 3-1 Jorba Durga Club, Orissa

21. August
Asian U-19 Qualifying - Bangalore: Kyrgyzstan 4-0 Maldives, Pakistan 3-0 Bhutan

20. August
Calcutta Super Division: Mohun Bagan 2-0 Milan Bithee, Aryan FC 1-1 Calcutta Port Trust
WIFA(Mumbai) Super Division League: Bengal Mumbai FC 0-0 Central Railway
Federation Cup 1998 - playoff - Tripura: Tollygunge Agragami, Calcutta 1-0 Bloodmouth, Agartala

19. August
Asian U-19 Qualifying - Bangalore: India 3-0 Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan 2-1 Maldives

Note-1: Gallaries at the Mohammedan Sporting ground at the Calcutta Maidan collapse during a match!!! 170 football fans were injured but luckily no one killed at the Mohammedan Sporting Ground today, as the so-called "Green Stands", on the eastern side of the stadium, collapsed due to overcrowding. The official capacity of the "green stands" of 6.000 was more than doubled. Evoking images of some of the world's worst soccer tragedies, stampeding fans ran amok, fearing they could be trapped. At this point, the angry fans in the green gallery went berserk and turned violent. They torched the broken stands, stoned the press box and upturned the bar posts. Spilling out on to "Red Road" they stoned vehicles and manhandled their occupents. In Calcutta at the Maidan all three stadium's of East Bengal, Mohun Bagan and Mohammedan Sporting have wooden galleries. These galleries are renewed before each season but were in the world is wood still being used in galleries???

18. August
Calcutta Super Division: East Bengal 2-0 Calcutta Port Trust, Eastern Railway 1-1 Milan Bithee

17. August
Asian U-19 Qualifying - Bangalore: India 1-0 Maldives, Kyrgyzstan 5-0 Bhutan

Note-1: Football will no longer be an exclusive male domain in Mumbai with the Western India Football Association planning to start a league for women. The idea to start a women's league prior to the Rovers Cup (commencing on Nov 28) has been approved by WIFA, according to reliable sources. The women's football league will be the third of its kind in country, after Calcutta and Manipur, which have 12 and six teams respectively. WIFA is confident of roping in a minimum six teams from all over the city - mainly from the suburbs of Bandra, Andheri, Malad, Borivli and Vashi where women play football.

16. August
Calcutta Super Division: Mohammedan Sporting 1-0 Mohun Bagan
DSA (Delhi) SAIL Senior Division Group A: City Club 2-1 Indian Air Force, Delhi
WIFA(Mumbai) Super Division League: Central Railway 2-0 Rashtriya Chemical Factory

Note-1: Bengal Mumbai Football Club, the city's first professional club, is all set to start a new football academy in Mumbai. Krishnendu Sen, Managing director of BMFC said, "The football academy will start functioning from January next year at Nerul, where the team is based."The football academy, the first of its kind in western India, will have two age groups under-16 and under-14."We will be selecting 30 boys for each age group from all over India and will train them under the best available coaches," added Sen. Jarnail Singh, the legendary international full-back and Ananta Ghosh, presently Sports Authority of India coach are likely to join them as the trainers. "We are negotiating with them and are hopeful that they will accept our offer," said Sen. "The residential academy will also take care of the trainees schooling for which we have been talking to some of the local educational institutions like Father Agnel's in Vashi," he added.The academy will be equipped with modern technology like computers, video camera and tapes besides football literature. BMFC is coming up with an exclusive football magazine called Goalpost. The first issue of the bi-monthly magazine will hit the stands in the second week of September. Sen added: "We have been in constant touch with Tata Football Academy director Chuni Goswami and Mohammed Habib (TFA coach) to help us set the academy." "The TFA is doing a great job by producing good footballers like Sheikh Sanjib, James Singh, Mahesh Gawli and Prabhjot Singh and the BMFC is planning to work on the lines of the TFA. We also plan to send the team abroad for short stints."

14. August
Calcutta Super Division: East Bengal 1-1 Tollygunge Agragami
WIFA(Mumbai) Super Division League: Mahindra&Mahindra 2-0 Income Tax

Note-1: FIFA, football's governing body, has notified the AIFF that a few of the foreign players turning out for Indian clubs might not have proper international transfers. While informing this at a media conference, AIFF president Dasmunshi said unlicensed agents act as middlemen in these cases. All clubs affiliated to the AIFF will be issued circular regarding the matter. The Federation will make it mandatory for the clubs to seek clearance from the AIFF before recruiting a foreign player. The AIFF will, in turn, check the player's credentials with the association issuing the transfer certificate before making him eligible to play in India. The recent fracas over African players Elaho and Omolaja resulted in the AIFF requesting Fifa to intervene. Both Mohun Bagan and East Bengal had claimed that Elaho had accepted advance payment for the season from them. Omolaja is in a fix, after trying to shift to Calcutta, with Goa's Salgaocar, producing documents showing that he is bound by a contract to play for them for another season. While Elaho's case has been resolved, with East Bengal no longer interested in him, Omoloja is likely to waste a year as Salgaocar is in an unrelenting mood.

13. August
DSA (Delhi) SAIL Senior Division Group A: Youngmen 5-1 Moonlight Club

12. August
Calcutta Super Division: Mohun Bagan 3-0 Food Corporation of India

Note-1: Lack of accomodation facilities has forced the AIFF to postpone the first preparatory camp of the senior national probables at Bangalore. AIFF president Das Munshi said that the revised schedule of the camp, originally scheduled to beging at the SAI camp from Tuesday, would be announced in a couple of days after sorting out the problem of accomodating the probables.

Note-2: Nigerian footballer Omoloja will not be able to play for any Indian club this season as AIFF officials feel that he has acquired fake international clearance. This was announced by IFA joint secretary, Ranjit Gupta in Calcutta today. Omoloja played for Salgaocar last year and came down to Calcutta to play for East Bengal for this season. Meanwhile, Friday Elaho was cleared by the AIFF to play for Mohun Bagan.

11. August
Calcutta Super Division: East Bengal 5-0 Aryan FC
DSA (Delhi) SAIL Senior Division Group A: Indian Air Force, Delhi 1-1 Youngmen

10. August
Calcutta Super Division: Mohammedan Sporting 0-0 Food Corporation of India
Federation Cup 1998 - North Zone Qualifying - final - Chandigarh: JCT Mills 2-0 Punjab State Electricity Board

9. August
Note-1: The United Breweries Group, sponsors of East Bengal and Mohun Bagan, is planning to send both teams abroad for "more exposure to international football." McDowell has already decided to fund East Bengal which will play in the AsianClubCup this season. It has been learnt from Mohun Bagan sources that Mohun Bagan will soon be sent to a neighbouring country to play a few exhibition matches. Vijay Mallya, chairman of the UB Group and who witnessed yesterday's Derby clash between East Bengal and Mohun Bagan at the Saltlake stadium, has also expressed his desire to better both teams' performance through international participation.

8. August
Calcutta Super Division: Mohun Bagan 2-1 East Bengal
WIFA(Mumbai) Super Division League: Central Bank 2-1 Income-Tax
Federation Cup 1998 - North Zone Qualifying - semifinal - Chandigarh: Punjab State Electricity Board 2-0 City Club, Delhi
Federation Cup 1998 - West Zone Qualifying - final - Nagpur: Vasco SC, Goa 1-0 Air India

7. August
Federation Cup 1998 - North Zone Qualifying - semifinal - Chandigarh: JCT Mills 3-0 YMCA, Srinagar

Note-1: More than once this year Shastri Club (Delhi) have been forced to take field with less than 11 players. They are now left with just one goalkeeper, Santosh. And if by chance he gets injured, they will have to rely on one of non-specialists to tend the goal. Rumours of Shastri withdrawing from the Super League are increasing by the day. Shastri Club are one of the strongest in the local league. They are also a club who have managed to overcome many a crisis. Earlier this year, when the season began, Shastri, four-times champions of the Delhi league, looked like being left with a side full of second-stringers. The reason: no finance to attract leading local players. Fortunately the club managed to tide over that and yet get a few good players like Bhupinder Thakur. Many of their other stars were drawn from institutions like Central Industrial Security Force and Punjab National Bank. But now comes the crippling blow, that even a Shastri may not be able to handle. The institutions no longer want the players to turn out for any club. The institutions want their players, also their employees, to play only for them in the Institutional league and departmental tournaments. R.K. Shukla, CISF DIG (Sports), clarified, "Earlier, the players were allowed to play for local clubs in order to give them exposure as there weren't many tournaments for them. But now we have asked our players not to play for any other organisation or club but to concentrate on their own team and work towards strengthening it for important tournaments." That rule, on face of it may seem fine, but it has landed Shastri Club in a difficult position. So much so, some officials have even been talking of the club withdrawing from the ongoing SuperLeague. For Shastri, qualifying for the Super League was not much of a problem. But with the sudden absence of many of their key players, their position is not too happy. Still they have managed to pull along with a second string, which their coach Anadi Barua says is very enthusiastic. They have survived some difficult matches even with a weak side. But for how long is the question that haunts the club. Shastri Club's secretary, Sultan, is understandably furious. "They should have stopped the players from going to any club before the start of the season. It is a big loss for clubs like us who are totally dependent on them," he lamented. Sultan certainly has a point because in the absence of their main players, Shastri's hopes of winning the Super League are considerably weaker. Despite coach Barua's optimism, the club's problems seem to be mounting with little or no bench strength and further depletion of their pool of players because of injuries and, sometimes, suspensions. Barua brave claim, "We will surely sort things out. Our second string team is not bad and we will certainly overcome the over-dependence on star players," seems more a case of wishful thinking than reality.

6. August
Federation Cup 1998 - North Zone Qualifying - quarterfinal - Chandigarh: City Club, Delhi 4-2 Sports Hostel, Haldwani, Uttar Pradesh
Federation Cup 1998 - West Zone Qualifying - semifinal - Nagpur: Vasco SC, Goa 2-0 Immaculate Group, Ahmadabad

Note-1: Kuala Lumpur: The Asian Football Confederation on Thursday announced cash incentives to spur regional football clubs to improve the quality of their performance. Teams entering the second round of the 1998/99 Asian club championships will receive a $5000 incentive and an additional $10000 bonus if they advance to the quarterfinal, said AFC secretary Peter Velappan. In a statement, Velappan said the clubs formed the backbone of development in Asian football but many of the competing clubs were not financially sound."By providing them with the cash incentives, we hope first to see a further improvement in the quality of their game. The AFC is also paying for the first time, the expenses of all referees and officials in the championship," he said.

Note-2: East Bengal will get monetary help from their sponsors, United Breweries for participating in the forthcoming Asian Club Cup football championship. The tournament will be held in September. East Bengal will play their away match against Dalian Club of China. The UB group will give Rs 11 lakh to East Bengal. The UB group officials said that they are also ready to extend more financial help for the team's cause. The chairman of the UB group, Vijay Mallya, will escort the East Bengal team.

5. August
Federation Cup 1998 - North Zone Qualifying - quarterfinal - Chandigarh: JCT Mills, Phagwara 1-0 India Air Force, Delhi
Federation Cup 1998 - West Zone Qualifying - semifinal - Nagpur: Air India 1-0 VLM SC, Goa

4. August
Calcutta Super Division: East Bengal 2-1 Eastern Railway, Peerless SC 1-0 Milan Bithee
WIFA(Mumbai) Super Division League: Mahindra&Mahindra 1-0 Union Bank of India - Mahindras finish with 15 pts like Air India and Bank of India
Federation Cup 1998 - North Zone Qualifying - quarterfinal - Chandigarh: YMCA, Srinagar 4-3 Youngsters Club, Chandigarh (tie-breaker)
Federation Cup 1998 - West Zone Qualifying - quarterfinal - Nagpur: Vasco SC 3-0 Renegade, Daman Island

Note-1: The Steel Authority of India Limited has decided to set up a football academy in Bokaro on the lines of the Tata Football Academy, a Bokaro Steel Plant communique said. The academy, which is expected to become operational by year-end, will select 25 candidates each year for training. The academy expects different football associations and units of SAIL to recommend budding cadets for admission. The training programme is for three years. The communique said in the first year cadets will be given a stipend of Rs. 300 plus their kit. Good to see that a further football academy is being set up but even more are needed!!!

Note-2: The Immaculate Group, Gujarat will not be able to field their three foreign players - Loay Kamal, Khalid Bashir & Mohammed Safi - in the next matches of the West Zone KBL-Federation Cup Football Tournament now being played at the Yeshwant Stadium in Nagpur. Following the protest by Central Railway, Mumbai, against Immaculate Group, who played the foreign trio in a match this week, the AIFF secretary KN Mour has directed the convenor of the tournament that the AIFF was of the view that the protest would not be upheld because it was lodged too late. The Immaculate Group claims that the said players from Sudan are students and are duly registered with the Ahmedabad District Football Association and Gujarat State Football Association as required.

3. August
DSA (Delhi) SAIL Senior Division Group A: City Club 2-0 Simla Youngs
Mysore A Division: Govt Press 3-1 Citizens FC
Federation Cup 1998 - North Zone Qualifying - quarterfinal - Chandigarh: Punjab State Electricity Board 6-0 Himalayan Tigers, Himachal Pradesh
Federation Cup 1998 - West Zone Qualifying - quarterfinal - Nagpur: VLM SC, Goa 5-0 Nivia Sports Club, Kota, Rajasthan

Note-1: India will take part in every football tournament organised in Asia to improve the standard of Indian football. This was announced by AIFF president, Dasmunshi. India will also play exhibition matches in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. He also said that he has a project to give as much of exposer to the Indian football players as possible.

2. August
WIFA(Mumbai) Super Division League: Bengal Mumbai FC 3-1 Rashtriya Chemical Factory - BMFC win the first-leg with 19 pts from 8 matches
Federation Cup 1998 - North Zone Qualifying - Chandigarh: Indian Air Force, Delhi 4-1 Haryana State Electricity Board, Panchkula
Federation Cup 1998 - West Zone Qualifying - quarterfinal - Nagpur: Immaculate Group, Ahmadabad 1-0 Central Railway, Mumbai

1. August
Federation Cup 1998 - West Zone Qualifying - quarterfinal - Nagpur: Air India 2-0 Union Sporting, Bhopal
Federation Cup 1998 - North-East Zone Qualifying - final - Shillong: Langsning FC, Shillong 3-1 Bloodmouth, Agartala

Note-1: The East Bengal today received a state-of-the-art multi-gym. This is viewed to be helpful for the players, said club officials. This multi-gym is having sixteen different apparatuses for practice and keeping the players in fit condition. Apart from the club officials, players of today and yesteryears gathered at the club premises on this occasion.

Note-2: Recruits of foreign players in different clubs of Bengal, which is regarded as the Mecca of Indian football, have taken a heavy toll on the lives of local coaching centres. Some favour them as a necessity to upsurge competition, while, others, on the other hand, stand against the move, maintaining it as a deterrent to flourishing of local talents. However, some football coaching camps are now facing a identity crisis and they, directly or indirectly, are pointing fingers towards foreign recruits for the struggle they have been having to survive. A case in point is the Dukhiram Coaching Centre. During the Seventies this coaching centre produced some of the great football jewels of India. To name a few, Prasun Bannerjee, Subhas Bhowmik, Surajit Sengupta, Gautam Sarkar, Krishanu Dey were the students of this centre. The founder, Achyut Banerjee was a football lover and he built up this coaching centre with his entire savings. He died twelve years back and now his sons - Babu and Ankan Banerjee - are carrying on their father's dream, although the fund of the centre is empty. Babu said that they do not get adequate students in every session. He regretted that when their father was alive the centre used to overflow with money and activity. But now-a-days nobody shows any interest in such centre. Amal Roy, an ex-student of Dukhiram Coaching Centre, has taken some initiatives to save Dhukhiram Coaching Centre from getting extinct.

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