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Date of Birth: 15-07-1981
Nationality: Indian
Playing Position: Midfield

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Paresh Shivalkar must have been a true pathbreaker! At the age of 18 he realized that he can make a career as a football player, what next? Looking for greener pastures, he packed his bags, and left for Mumbai because that-time-Pune had very little to offer him as a football player.

Now things are changing, academies are floated, corporates are venturing into the football arena. After a long season, Paresh's back in his home town, Pune. He's seen regularly at the Bharati Vidyapeeth Educational Campus ground, Katraj where the I-League Division 2, Pune phase is going on (March 26 thru April 13, 2008). While covering the ongoing tournament, Paresh was kind enough to share his thoughts with IndianFootball.Com's Subhajyoti Banerjee - his experience, pain, and off-course gain he got while playing the game of football.

IndianFootball.Com's Pune Correspondent Subhajyoti Banerjee met Paresh Shivalkar and talked to him about his past, present and future...


Subhajyoti: Starting days...

Paresh: Till 12th strandard, I never took the game seriously. Playing football at that time was like those regular-mundane extra-curricular activities, where you just play it like any other games. I started playing for Sky Hawks at the local league, this was my first introduction to serious football. In Sky Hawks, I played under the tutelage of Vivek sir (Vivek Nagul is now the assistant coach of Pune Football Club). He envisioned the potential in me, encouraged me to take the sports seriously.

Subhajyoti: Formative years...

Paresh: I was selected for the under-19 and -21 national trials by Maharashtra, however, couldn't make it to the final squad. It is very difficult to get noticed if you hail from cities like Pune. But, I never got disheartened, took it in my stride, and concentrated on my game. I was fortunate to have Vivek sir behind me, but again he was new and had limitations.
I moved to Mumbai, and signed for a second division team, Gulf Oil. While playing for Gulf Oil in the Mumbai Division Football League (MDFA), I got noticed by Air India coach, Bimal Ghosh, he was pretty impressed, and eventually signed me for Air India for the next two seasons. In the 2005 season, I joined Churchill Brothers. Next season, I returned to Air India for good, I was offered a job and captaincy, and stuck for another season.

Subhajyoti: Current status...

Paresh: In the 2008/09 season, I will be donning Mahindra United colours. I always wanted to play for Mahindra United, they are a very professional unit.
Also, I had offers from all the top clubs, including Mohun Bagan and East Bengal. I do have plans to venture out of Maharashtra. I know football is a big time craze in Calcutta and I want to try out my luck there, provided I get a good package.

Subhajyoti: Football in Pune...

Paresh: Out here there is lack of professionalism. Football is not taken seriously, parents don't want their children to take up football. However, now things are changing for good! Perhaps looking at me, many parents would advice their kids to take football as a career (/chuckles/).

Subhajyoti: Future plans...

Paresh: I would like to continue the good work. My ambition is to represent the Indian national team at the international level. I narrowly missed it at the junior level, but I dream to play for India. Hopefully, my stint with Mahindra United should give me a platform to showcase my talent.

Subhajyoti: Message to

Paresh: It's a great website, I visit your website regularly, all the very best, and I really appreciate you good work!

Subhajyoti: Thank you for talking to us at IndianFootball.Com!

the interview was conducted by Subhajyoti Banerjee (April 2008)

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