Indian Clubs in the Asian Club Championships:
Indian clubs have never had big success in the Asian Club Championships but they were able to cause the one or the other surprise.
1985 Preliminary Round: Colombo (Sri Lanka)
East Bengal Club   7-0 New Road Transport Club, NEPAL
 [4xBiswajit Bhattacharya, 2xDebashish Roy, Bipendra Pradhan]
East Bengal Club   1-0 Abahani Krira Chakra, BANGLADESH
 [Debashish Roy]
East Bengal Club   2-0 PIA, PAKISTAN
 [Debashish Roy, Biswajit Bhattacharya]
East Bengal Club   9-0 Valencia SC, MALDIVES
 [3xDebashish Roy, 2xJamshed Nassiri, 2xMonojit Das, Debashish Mishra, Samir Chowdhury]
East Bengal Club   1-0 Sanders Club, SRI LANKA
 [Jamshed Nassiri]
Final Round: Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) in January 1986
East Bengal Club   1-2 Al Alhi, SAUDI ARABIA
 [Debashish Roy]
East Bengal Club   0-1 Tigga Bellian, INDONESIA
Eliminated in Quarterfinal league

1987 Preliminary Round: Central Zone
Mohun Bagan AC     4-1 Pakistan Air Force, PAKISTAN
 [M: 2xSishir Ghosh, Satyajit Chatterjee, Prasanta Banerjee; P: Rehman]
Mohun Bagan AC     0-2 Al Rashid Club, IRAQ
Mohun Bagan AC     2-2 Dhaka Mohammedan Sporting, BANGLADESH
 [M: 2xSishir Ghosh; M: Ghulam Reza, Emeka]
Mohun Bagan AC     6-1 Manang Marsuangi Club, NEPAL
 [M: 2xAmalraj, 2xSishir Ghosh, Satyajit Chatterjee, Uttam Mukherjee; M: Ganesh Thapa]
Did not qualify for the final round

1988 Preliminary Round: Group 3 at Calcutta
Mohun Bagan AC     8-0 Crecent Textile Mills, PAKISTAN
 [M: 3xSishir Ghosh, 2xSatyajit Chatterjee, Aloke Mukherjee, Babu Mani, Prasanta Banerjee]
Mohun Bagan AC     4-2 Kathmandu Sports Club, NEPAL
 [M: 2x Sishir Ghosh, Babu Mani, Prasanta Banerjee; K: 2xGanesh Thapa]
Mohun Bagan AC     1-0 Fanza Club, OMAN
 [Sudip Chakraborty]
Final Round:
Mohun Bagan AC     0-2 Kazma Club, KUWAIT
Mohun Bagan AC     0-6 Wan Bow, CHINA
Mohun Bagan AC     0-4 Al Rashid, IRAQ
Eliminated in Quarterfinal league

1989 Preliminary Round: Group 3
Salgaocar SC       3-0 Kathmandu Sports Club, NEPAL
 [Bruno Coutinho, Sarto Baptista, Roy Barretto]
Salgaocar SC       0-0 Punjab XI, PAKISTAN
Salgaocar SC       0-1 Fanza Club, OMAN
Did not qualify for the final round.

1990 Preliminary Round: Group 4 at Dhaka
Salgaocar SC       3-0 Club Lagoons, MALDIVES
Salgaocar SC       1-2 Dhaka Mohammedan Sporting, BANGLADESH
 [S: Roy Barretto; M: Mamoon, Naqib]
Did not qualify for the final round.

1991,1992 & 1993 - No Indian Club Team participated
1994 Preliminary Round at Calcutta
Mohun Bagan AC     7-1 Valencia, MALDIVES
 [M: 2xChristopher, 2xGautam Ghosh, Jo Paul Ancheri, IM Vijayan, Tausif Jamal; V: Abdul Latif]
Mohun Bagan AC     5-1 Ratnam SC, SRI LANKA
 [M: 3xTausif Jamal, 2xJo Paul Ancheri; R: Amanullah]
Second Round:
Mohun Bagan AC      -  Thai Farmers Bank
Mohun Bagan withdrew & Thai Farmers Bank reached the quarterfinals.

1995 First Round
Home match
Mohun Bagan AC     2-1 Valencia, MALDIVES
 [M: Maoharan, Satyabrata Bhowmick; V: Tony]
Away match
Mohun Bagan AC     0-1 Valencia, MALDIVES
Though both teams were level with an aggregate score of 2-2, Valencia went through to the next round by virtue of their away goal (which counts as double if the aggregate scores are tied)

1996 First Round
Home match
JCT Mills          1-1 New Road Team, NEPAL
(at Ambedkar Stadium, Delhi)
 [J: Baichung Bhutia; N: Sarbaghya Manandhar]
Away match
JCT Mills          2-2 New Road Team, NEPAL
 [J: Carlton Chapman, IM Vijayan; N:Chet Narayan Shrestha, Rajesh Thapa]
JCT won via the penalty shoot-out 6-4 to enter the 2nd Round
Second Round
Home match
JCT Mills          1-0 New Radiant Club, MALDIVES
(at National Stadium, Delhi)
 [J: Baichung Bhutia]
Away match
JCT Mills          0-2 New Radiant Club, MALDIVES
JCT lost 1-2 on aggregate

1997 First Round
Home match
Churchill Brothers 0-1 Dong Thap Club, VIETNAM
Away match
Churchill Brothers 1-1 Dong Thap Club, VIETNAM
 [Kausif Jamal]
Churchill Bros lost 1-2 on aggregate

1998 First Round
Away match
East Bengal Club   0-6 Dalian Club, CHINA
Home match
East Bengal Club   0-0 Dalian Club, CHINA
(at Kanchenjunga Stadium, Siliguri)
East Bengal lost 0-6 on aggregate

1999 First Round
Home match
Mohun Bagan AC     2-1 Mukti Joddha, BANGLADESH
 [M: 25 Chime Okerie, 64 Dipendu Biswas; M: 57 Bhaktiaruddin Khan]
Away match
Mohun Bagan AC     0-0 Mukti Joddha, BANGLADESH
Mohun Bagan won 2-1 on aggregate
Second Round
Away match
Mohun Bagan AC     0-8 Jubilo Iwata, JAPAN
Home match
Mohun Bagan AC      -  Jubilo Iwata, JAPAN
- Mohun Bagan didn't organise the return-leg, was fined & banned for one year by the AFC
Mohun Bagan lost 0-8 on aggregate

No Indian club team participated.
No Indian club team participated.
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